Strange Meteor Blown Up Movie


During the time that I was taping the passing of nocturnal UFOs over my home in Brooklyn, knowing the nature of the subject I was dealing with I knew that I would be asked all kinds of necessary, but stupid questions by the media when I eventually presented my tapes to them ie.

How do you know it wasn't a satellite?
How do you know it wasn't a helicopter?
How do you know it wasn't a jet?
How do you know it wasn't a airplane?
How do you know it wasn't a blimp?
How do you know it wasn't a balloon?
How do you know it wasn't a bird?
How do you know it wasn't a meteor?
How do you know it wasn't swamp gas?

So I made a point of taping everything that passed over my home at night so that I could use them to compare with the things that I knew to be UFOs.
The two hardest things for me to get tapes of where helicopters because their route rarely caused them to pass over the area that was close to me.
The second and worst were meteors.
True they were not rare, in addition to the fact that they came and went so fast, my camcorder would never start to actually operate fast enough to catch them even when it was in pause, but you could never tell when or where they would show up.
I have a very limited view of the sky just over the areas of my backyard and those backyards down and up from me, back then there were no real tall trees to block my view as there are now, but still the distance of the width of two back yards is a very small area.
As I sat out there at night as to be expected, I started to see a great deal of meteors most of them were so high up and so fast that I would only turn on my clunker of a camcorder to report that I had seen one.
Then one night as I was sky watching this huge low flying meteor hssed over my head from the east making serpentine movements as it went and veered off down the ally way across from me.
I was not only surprised by its nearest and sound but I was shocked by the speed and the fact that it looked like two saucers one inverted over the other but not connected to it.
Their color ranged from a yellow white cored enclosed within a orange red haze.
As it/they went the lower upright saucer would first make a movement and then the inverted one over it would mimic the movement as if in an attempt to stay right above it.
I got the feeling they were playing a rather high speed game of follow the leader or something like it.
I could not help thinking that either they were two living things or their action were like the playful rivalry of a young pilot trying to keep up with the old master pilot.
The objects did not travel in a descending line but a straight westward one and were lost to me behind a large tree that grows across the street from the building across the yard from me.
Anyone seeing them from the side would just have said it was a meteor streaking pass, but I saw then from below and behind and that's how I could so clearly see the game these things or beings were playing as they went.
I commented on my tape about them/it, and stated then I wished I could get a tape of a meteor to study its movements and see if what I saw was a natural way that meteors traveled all the while knowing that they didn't.
Fact is I was trying to keep up a scientific facade of indifference as to not to seem like a "Cooc" that could not tell a UFO from a meteor.
It didn't work, I ended up babbling anyway as what I had seen soaked into me.
The night of this taping, as I was sitting out back, I saw a low flying jet coming out of the west.
It was rare for me to see a jet liner down so low that I could see it's lighted cabin windows.
I thought it would be a good idea for me to try to get a comparison tape of this as it passed over.
My old clunker however, could not "see well in the dark" so to say, because it showed every thing in black and white through the eye piece it was hard for me to visually separate the jets gray body from the dark sky behind it.
I opened my left eye with hopes that, that would help.
I had just started taping when out of the corner of my eye that was not looking through the viewer I saw a strange streak that at first I thought was a meteor and I say so on the unedited version of this tape.
The problem with this meteor it seemed to be blinking off and on as it went.
Not only did it blink but its tail seemed to be blinking off and on.
Before I knew it the object altered it's course and traveled down the body of the jet.
I could see it was huge now for I could see it on both sides of the fuselage of the jet as it passed over the jet liner.
When it reaches the tail of the jet is where it enters the view of my camcorder.
It then altered its course slightly so that instead of going behind the building it and be lost to my camera sight it traveled down the ally way between the buildings so that it staid in slight a bit longer.
There was a cable between the two buildings across from me and it passes behind them and appears to split into two but that is the telephone or power cables that caused that.
This was all done so swiftly that it was all one movement, and honestly although I did notice this as it happened I did not believe that it had done what I thought it did.
Somewhere there are two pilots and maybe some passengers that had to change their underpants at the completion of that flight.
There was no way that they did not see this object and I now wonder if that was why they were flying down so low in the first place.
The object was so huge , they had to see it and it had to have been picked up on radar or reported by them too.
Had it hit them, they would have fallen if not into my back yard very near to it.
I do not think it was that things intent to do that but only to get this on tape for some reason not known to me then or really even now.
Maybe my putting this online will get some one that was on board that flight to come forward, I hope so.
When you download this clip set the movie to loop like that you will see that the object(s) is (are) blinking and that it is two different things that look like two saucers one inverted over the other traveling very close together and at times on movements is mimiced by the other.
I will be adding larger blow ups of this incident later to these archives.
There still is a point that baffles me about this tape,
It is that black band that appears across it.
Originally I thought it was signaling me that it was Ralph but looking at the other tapes from my backyard I realized that the trajectory it was travelling had to have carried it behind that cable stretched between the two buildings.
But I still have to wonder, was that too not part of their/its plan?
Was this Ralph?

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