Aired on The Current Afair November 1988.

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This is an excerpt from the tape made by Mrs. Gina Jones, and aired by the TV program A Current Affair in the late eighties.

I use it at this site not for profit but only because it became an intricate part and a glue, so to say that help me begin to put together the pieces of enigma that was my life.

I ask only that if any profit is made from this snippet and the lifts I made from them that a portion of it goes to her or her immediate family in as much as she was the one that made this tape in the first place and then had the back bone to air it.

What ever her motives were I don't know or care, the result of her doing this brave and selfless thing was to bring light to the darkness that had enshrouded me for the most of my life.

I do not know what became of her or this story I do know that soon after the airing of this tape Mauri Pulvitch left A Current Affair, and no more was ever mentioned of it.

The Jones tape was supposedly given to MUFON to investigate but I have heard no more about it since then.

If any one knows any more about this video and the story behind it please email me.

Because of this tape, I too got in contact with MUFON when I had my encounters and sightings in the late eighties early nineties.

Though I believe that for the most part, MUFON is a well meaning organization.

I feel that because they are basically manned by John Q. Public, the group therefore suffers from not only the shortage of money, but also from the short falls that come with the jealousies, super egos, and general "Slackassity" involved in petty human politics.

Not to forget those whom sole purpose of entering these groups, is to gather information on, and then destroy the group from within for what ever reason be it personal vindictiveness or " The Crabs In A Basket Syndrome " as I call it, where to get out of the basket one crab will climb over the other and pull down one that is about to make its way out of the basket so that it, the former crab can stand on the later crab, in order to climb out.

Or it could just be the " Our Tax Dollar At Work Syndrome" in other words governmentally inspired.

What ever the cause of this human phenomena the results are always the same energy and time is wasted and nothing gets accomplished, and those truly interested in the subject at hand are discouraged to a point they no longer attempt to continue to work with it.

This always happens at the point that the organization or the program becomes well known or popular hence,

" Success Is the harbinger of failure."

This is a pattern that we all have seen repeated again and again not only with UFO groups and programs that deal with this phenomena but any grass roots organization.

I feel this may have caused the Gina Jones tape to go uninvestigated as happened in my case at another time I will speak more about this but not now I only spoke of my case s to give back ground as to why I feel that this case was not fully investigated.

What I have learned from my study of this tape was that there were three of these enities in the yard as I knew it should be for they, The Window Peepers, always come in threes or groups of threes.

The other thing I found is that at all times the entity is looking at her as she tapes, in other words it was fully aware that it was being taped, and again this is an expression of their sense of humor which for the most part, most of the so called investigators have over looked.

Notice that the entity at the beginning of the tape face is lit by the light coming from inside the house.

Its head is by the divide of the upper and lower windows and you can clearly see its black eyes are at all times looking at the camera.

Take your time and walk it through frame by frame to see how staged this scene is, by the entities, remember Mrs. Jones was taping the lights that were passing over her home and not the entity.

Just before this happened one of the cluster of lights she was taping vanished as this entity ( these entities) were captured on tape.

If you look to the top and bottom of the other window you will notice thin lines, these are the left arms of two other entities.

If you view the clip frame by frame you notice that these two objects are moving independent of the motion of the camera, and you will see that these objects glide into the darkness from in front of the second window.

My tape is old, and as I said in my article, my reception was bad so I can not give you a clearer clipping of this tape.

If there is any one out there that has a clearer copy of this tape or knows these people please get in touch with me or have them visit my site that they can see what I found.

If this is a hoax, which I do not think it is, it is a damned good one, for some one to do this so perfectly, they really did their homework and paid attention to details that are not well known about these entities to those that have never encountered them.

Though this clip is short, it is full of information, but you have to do the work and look for yourself.

Do not take my, or any one else's, word for it, that is the only way you will know and not have to believe.

I will continue to work with this tape and try to extract as much as I can from it and will post my findings as soon as I can.

The Window Peeper


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