The Big Bird


During the late 1970s, as I and my brother Mark were late and racing to The Jazz Mobile jazz school in Harlem, I saw what I first thought was a ash on a spider web spiraling in the sky.
I thought it was that for it made such smooth tight circles that it was unnatural on such a windless day.
Though I called Marks attention to it, he continued to run for we did not have time to stop.
Jazz Mobile was a weekend school and it's policy was if you were late you were marked absent and two absences you were out.
So he was right in telling me to forget it and come on as he went racing toward the school.
At four o'clock when we were on our way home I remembered the ash and looked for it as we were heading back to the subway.
As we neared the lot I saw the thing was still there and stopped to try and focus in on it.
To my shock I saw what I was looking at was a big bird not too far away from us riding the heat thermals.
I called Marks attention to it again and he stopped and his mouth dropped open.
This bird was greyish brown and did not flap its wings like other birds did that I had seen do in the skies over New York.
It would just barely move them and soar with out doing it again.
It was not a seagull, eagle, hawk, osprey, buzzard, or condor.
First I thought it was just a big bird until it started flying through thunder heads so it was way up there, and not as close to the ground as we first thought it was.
"How could it be so high up but still look so huge? " I asked aloud.
"Do you realize how big that thing has to be, when it comes down?" Mark said his voice tensing up " We better get the hell to the subway. "
Where we were standing, we were in an open space for they were renovating the area and most of the old tenements had been torn down and so we were surrounded by vacant lots and abandoned buildings.
Mark was right if that thing got into it's mind to come down and grab one of us there was nothing there to hide under or hold on to.
At that moment it flew in to a cloud and did not come out of it.
We hurried to the subway and went home.
The next weekend as I was getting out of bed a news report came in over NEWS 1010 radio about a man and a woman somewhere upstate New York who had fought off a giant bird that had tried to carry either a child or one of them off.
I called the news station with hopes to talk to someone and see if I could get in contact with the couple I had heard about, but I was told that the news I was hearing was on a tape and there was no one for me to talk to in the station.
I was told however that the report had come in over the Reuters machine so maybe there is a record of it somewhere in their archives.
If you or anyone can get this report please email me a copy of it like that I will be able to pinpoint the year, month and date of my sighting because that happened a week after my sighting,
We never returned to the area again I do not know if it was because of our sighting or not but we did not speak of it.




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