The Blue Snow

It was the winter of 1953 I was two years old and living at 1404
Prospect Ave.
My mother had just went up stairs to pay our babysitter leaving me my
older brother Chuck and my then baby brother Ralph under the charge of my
older sister Theresa.
After having lost a fight over the tv with Theresa,(I wanted to see cartoons she wanted to see some teen dance show.)
I was standing by the window looking out onto our darkening backyard
mimicking as badly as I could the doo-wop songs coming from the tv thinking she may see it but she won't enjoy it when suddenly a blue green glowing snow like substance began to fall from the clear evening sky.
It vanished as it landed not melted but disappeared on the window sill.
Amazed at this beautiful sight I called my older brother Chuck and
Theresa to the window to see it.
Chuck took one look at it and gasped "Oh no they are coming back!"
He then went into a panic such as I have never seen him do before or
after then.
Here is where I did something that still bothers me instead of looking
to the backyard I looked to the sky and asked "Who's coming back?"
Chuck began to scream and repeat over and over "They are coming back!"
I looked to Theresa and asked her "Who is coming back?"
She said nothing but just turned pale and began to shake and strike
Chuck in attempt to snap him out of it.
When this did not work she raced out into the hall way and upstairs to
get my mother.
By the time my mother came downstairs the stuff had stopped falling and
as soon as it did Chuck came out of it.
Today when I ask Chuck about that night he just smiles and shrugs, Theresa
claims she remembers some of it but neither of them have ever told me,
Who it was that was coming back.....

If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email or just post your story at this site.

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