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Feel free to look about and make yourself comfortable.
This site is an annex to my other site called Pieces Of An Enigma.
You may notice as you read the articles that you will transported from site to site do not worry however this is to make your reading easier as you go.
You will always be able to return to the site you started from by using the link found at the bottom of this page.
This was done because many of the articles began there will end here.
If you have arrived here by reading an article you started there just click the Speed List Link at the bottom of this page and it will return you to the other site, or should you find yourself at the other site use the Blue Pages link, which will whisk you back to this page.
Where possible, some articles will be removed from that site and placed here in total to make your reading easier as time goes on.
If you have not yet visited my other site please just use the link that I have provided you with.... Pieces Of An Enigma.

You can now enter The New Pieces Of An Enigma by clicking on the link Provided below.

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Commentaries And Observations

About This Temple

UFOs, Aliens, And Racism



More On The Nonts

The Nonts This article begins at Pieces Of An Enigma for your convenience I place a link here to it for those that have not read it. This article will eventually lead you back to this site. Those that have read the article should begin with the article below.

*The Guest Uninvited Updated 09/23/03.



Shadowland Adventures

Shadowland Adventures is reserved for the experiences of others.
Where as the rest of this site I post mainly my own personal experiences I am fully aware that I am not alone in this phenomena.
If you have had encounters you wish to post at this site please feel free to email them to me and I will post them at my next earliest convenience.
Things you read here are as they were sent to me except for spelling errors I do no editing to these articles.
Otherwise I will post them as they were were sent to me.

The George Ritter UFO Collection* Updated 10/23/03.

Alan White's ClamShip UFO

Alan White Man Of Many Mysteries This article begins at Pieces Of An Enigma ,and here too you will carried to that site but will be able to return here as you read the articles.

Alan In His Own Words About Viv

More About Viv Of Venus

Article 1

Article 2

Vivs Landing site as it looks today

Alan's Autobiograhic Musical - Pop's Place Uptown*




Within The Cracks Of The Paranormal

A Glitch In Time

The Scent Of Flowers

Gonzwell My Inheritance?

Batteries, Magnetics, And The Paranormal

The Blue Snow *(Updated 5/10/02)



Encounters Of The Alien Kind

Remember the Dodo.

Quantumantics The Language Of The Ets This article is an updated or expanded version of the same article found at,
Pieces Of An Enigma.
Links at the end of this article will lead you to the same articles that are referred to in the original.

*Mystery On The Twenty Second Floor

The Kermits*(Updated 05/10/02.)

*Killer Nuns From Outer Space.

Quantumantics Part Two.

Black Flakes.



The Reading Room

Higher Magnetics *(01/31/02.)

The Luminous Tumbling Smoke Ring*(10/23/03.)


...Ye Old Movie Palace.....