The Bus Stop Visitation


I was in Sound View walking with my best friend Mark.
I don't know how I got on the subject but I had just finished telling him the Aarron
story and he laugh that laugh he often did when I told him of the weird stuff that happened to me.
Now understand Mark has been witness to many strange things that happened to me too and we both may have been abducted from the roof of my building but that is another story.
But there comes a point when you hear so many bizarre tales from one person you begin to wonder if any of them are true, as I feel I am soon to reach with you that are reading this but none the less what I tell you is true and Mark will tell you too this happened.
Well that being said , I will continue...
When Mark reaches that ,
"Your Stories Are Too Weird For Me To Take Any More"
quota of his he unconsciously gives this smile/smirk that tells me no more for now.
Any how I had just got that look when a young well dressed black youth walked up to us and asked if we knew where the number so and such bus stopped and not knowing the area we both said no and that he should go up the block around the corner to the taxi stand and ask there.
We took a step and I saw the bus stop across the street and we turned to call him.
He was gone... Mark said nothing , I did not have to....


If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email or just post your story at this site.

Thank you for your time..................




I don't want to believe ............ It's much better to know.

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