The Conspiracy Of Silence

One of the main problems with the UFO phenomena is that people for what ever reasons are afraid to talk about these things publicly.....
The government is often accused of keeping the truth from us but remember there are three parties involved in this cover up.
One being the governmental agencies.......
Two being those who have encounters but will not speak of them......
Three being ,these Entities themselves......
Let us start with one....
After my abduction in the early 90s I continued to go back to the sight to film the rings that had been left in the lawn of the park I had been taken to.....
Each time I did I would not be there five minutes before police helicopters would start buzzing the area.....
When I first was lead to the site the following morning I called all the network news programs serving the New York City community....
ABC told me UFOs only land in the cornfields of Iowa......
CBS kindly told me don't call us we'll call you........
NBC said hold on and hang up on me.....
This one I have on audio tape for after the first two I thought I best document my efforts to report this...
Then FOX told me they knew the circles were there but they were not interested...
The NBC And FOX Response
You see I believe that there had been a mass abduction that night there were the markings of at least eleven to twelve craft that appeared overnight in that park.

Although I was a big guy back then 6 foot 4 , and 410 lbs. I don't really think they needed to send an armada to get me that night...
As the years passed and the pattern remained I would go back and film them.
One day while I was coming from the lawn I saw a police car had stopped to watch me so I walked over to them and asked them about the sudden appearance of the circles in the park overnight.
They gave me a song and dance about the park being under the jurisdiction of four precincts so no one patrolled it at night.
Then said it was most likely voodoo or some weird black magic satanic group that did it.
I thanked them and returned home , only to be buzzed by police helicopters later that evening in my back yard as I sat out watching for UFOs.
I have this all on tape and so can prove it happened as I said it did...
Still I can't prove it was because I asked the police about the circles that my back yard was buzzed ....
As M.U.F.O.N was investigating my case my interview was interrupted when the camera man a air pilot suddenly swung the camera skyward to film two police helicopters passing over head he remarked, and it is picked up on the tape,
"Hey ,its illegal for them to be traveling so close like that!"
Just last year I went back to the park to ask about the circles of the Park Keep to see if something else in nature could have caused those circles.
He said he was not there when the circles were formed but would introduce me to some one who was.
He wanted to see the tapes I made of the circles I gave him a copy which he looked at and then told me when he next saw me he had never in all his years as being a park keep seen that type of thing happen to a lawn and that he would ask the Dept. Of Parks about it.
He was transferred the next week I never saw him again.
The gentleman he introduced me too said that, that year they were told to ignore the lawn that year.
My tapes show this and I commented on one of the tapes that they use to take care of that lawn but seemed to back then want to let it grow over.
I was right but when the circles kept returning they let a soccer team use the lawn to practice and they destroyed the circles...
This is in a way proof that someone wanted to get rid of the circles because they had just built a huge athletic field why did they not tell the team to practice there?
I received harassing silent phone calls all the time but they increased after that.
Finally I got callers I.D hoping this would help me find out who it was doing this.
One of the calls I got call numbers came up as 1(516) 600:0006.
Was this an attempt to frighten me with the thought that what I was dealing with was the devil (666) ?
I called the phone company and tried to track down where this call came from.
I was told it came from Long Island but there was no such thing as a 600 number.
After a long aggravating phone call which I taped I was finally told that,
(I am paraphrasing here for I have not the tape at hand but I know I do have it....)
"If that number came up it had to be punched in and for that to be done it had to be some one very high up to do

Harassment Part (A)

Harassment Part (B)

Number two is an example of self enforced silence.....
In September / October of 1997 while I was walking from 8th Ave to 7th Ave and 40th street in Manhattan at about 10:00 pm when I saw a ring of light strobe a perfect circle in the eastern sky......
As I continued to walk I noticed a huge dark grey object hovering between the buildings on what would have to have been Broadway and 40th street.
It was dark and the street lights were blinding me as I tried to see beyond them.
"It has to be a helicopter" I told myself "they are probably making a movie."
But I could hear no noise and it was too low for a helicopter to be hovering plus It had no lights on it.
I could see the traffic was still flowing below so I knew if they were doing a shoot they would have the area below blocked off.
Then I said maybe it was a advertising blimp like you see when new places open.
But that made no sense for normally those were where there were low buildings so they could be seen from a distance and this was too big for that.
Then I said well maybe it was balloons caught on a scaffolding outside of the building.
By now I had slowed down and was really trying to focus on what I was seeing when I saw some people come out of the building 202 ahead of me.
I was hoping they would see it and say something but they were talking to the night porter and never looked up.
They saw me slowly coming toward them and I guess the bizarre look I had on my face must have startled them for they quickly said their good nights and left....
The porter then went back inside and closed the glass doors.
By the time I reached the door the object had slowly raised over the building and was moving toward me.
I could now see it was a huge thing.
It looked like four disc traveling in a tight box formation giving the thing a shamrock configuration.
In its center was a faint red pulsation as if a light was being shined on it from below yet I could see no place that this light was coming from.
I ran to the door praying that the porter was still in the lobby of the building he was and I knocked on the glass.
He came over and asked who I wanted to see.
I backed away from the door so not to scare him and said,
"Please I don't want to come inside could you please tell me what that is?"
I pointed to the object that was now hovering over The Central Garment Congregation across the street.
His eyes widened and he then opened the door and stepped out on to the side walk.
"Can you tell me what that is?"I asked.
"Is that a helicopter ,a blimp ,or something on top of the building?" I asked all the while knowing it was none of the above.
"No." he answered "I've never seen anything like that before."
"What do you think it is?"
"I don't know what it is."
The object was just sitting there in one place slowly turning on its axis.
Then suddenly what I thought was bits of silver paper being thrown from one of the tall buildings came out of the east .
"Look!" I shouted surprised "someone is throwing confetti it must be a party or something."
But instead of the twinkling confetti falling it arched out in front of the object like a opening Japanese fan......
I then realized what I thought was falling bits of foil was fifteen greenish yellow little starlike objects.
"Oh!" I shouted shocked with disbelief at what I was seeing "Do you see that?!"
"Yes I do and please do not shout like that." the porter responded with a strong west Indian accent....
"I'm sorry..." I apologized "But don't you see that?"
"Yes I do." he calmly said.
"What is it that you see?" I asked.
"There are these little lights and this big thing here."
"How many lights do you see ?" I asked.
We counted about thirteen to fifteen of the little starlike objects.
I introduced myself to him and said ,
"I lecture on these things and I've been on TV talking about these objects.
Would you please write down what you see and just initial it so I will have proof that this has happened and I will do the same for you."
He refused the paper I offered him and calmly said,
"No I wont do that."
"Why?" I asked confused at his response.
"Because people will think I am crazy."
"But you see what I see don't you?"
"Yes I do ,but I will never tell anyone I saw it.
They won't believe it and besides the bible said in these last days of time we will see many signs in the sky...."
That's when the objects started to move as if they were all one piece.
"Look," I said quickly scribbling my name and phone number down on a piece of paper "I can't stay here I got to see where this thing goes ,but this is my number incase you change your mind later and want to talk to me."
He politely refused the paper saying,
"I won't change my mind I will never speak of this I don't need your number."
I thanked him anyway and raced off to the next corner hoping to catch the object the next block up at 41th St.....
I was honestly expecting to hear the screech of car tires and cries of people as the object slowly came into view over head.
It never happened when I reached the clearing at 41st the object was nowhere to be seen.
I was tempted to ask a policeman who was standing on the corner if he saw anything but realized the porter was right he would think me crazy and not believe me and said nothing.
I was to come to regret my silence for at least then it would have been on record somewhere even if disbelieved you see it was to be a bit later when I was to see something similar to this object on TV this time it was above Phoenix Arizona.....
If "They" who ever they are who were in those craft wanted to be seen they were in the place to do it....
They were only two blocks away from Times Square they only needed to pass over it or even 41 St.
That is where the musical Rent is playing and there is a large parking lot there, well then it was a vacant lot but there was always a crowd in that area....
As low as they were, they would have been seen in that area , but they seem not to want to announce their presence here either.

The thing I saw back then was a combination of both of these UFOs.

The four leaf clover UFO rested at the centure of the the fan like configuration.

When it moved it all moved as if it was one device in stead of being made of many.

I only today 11/10/99 received the above picture of a UFO that looks like the object that I saw hovering of the Jewish Temple.
I have no idea where this picture was taken or when but if any one knows who the Photographer of this object is please have them get in contact with me.

Today 11/30/00 I while online came across this video clip taken from the very informative TV show Sightings of an some what clover shaped UFO that is very similar to the object that I saw over 41st St.


Click here to see video tape of a similar Four Leaf Clover UFO.


Click the middle image above to see larger picture.

Today 3/25/01 I created this picture of the objects, and the shape they took before heading off to the north west.

I and the doorman were standing facing north and and this is the way the objects aligned themselves in the sky above us.

Although by accident the above picture gives a very good depiction of how large the objects seemed to me looking from the street up to them.


There is a Cover up conspiracy , but who is behind it?
That is where logic abandons us and speculation beguiles....


I don't want to believe.................... It's much better to know.


The Rings In The Park



Into The Darkness