The E. Ville Ghost.....



It was a cold winters night in 1994 about 3:00 am and I had just left the home of my friend Carolyn in the East Village.
I had just rounded the corner of 1st Street and Ave A and was starting up to catch the F train.
A brisk wind had swept the streets clean of garbage and Clubers alike and was hurrying me along too.
I had just passed the East Indian Deli and was walking pass the parking lots of the high rise when I saw the young man approaching me.
He was staggering and really not dressed for the weather now though earlier his attire would have been enough.
I remember thinking to myself you'll not make it through this night if you continue going the direction you are staggering like that.
Why not just put a sign on your neck saying "Mug me.... Easy prey."
To my surprise the youth staggered toward me and stopped.
"You won't believe this he said but I have walked all the way down from Broadway trying to bum subway fare..." he slurred " No one will give me even a quarter."
I looked at him and was startled how much he looked like the ex boy friend of a mutual friend of Carolyns and mine....
It was just that he was at least ten years younger but damned near a twin of him.
He apologized several times to me for being in the condition he was and said he should have known better but he spent every dime he had on a girl and a good time and that they both ran out at the same time.
I laugh and gave him a quarter and started to walk for it was cold and he said ,
"Great all I need now is another dollar."
I had thought all he needed was a quarter by what he had said earlier and called him back and said,
"Look you need to get your ass off these cold streets give me back the quarter and I'll give you a token."
Wobbling he put out his hand and I took the quarter from it at pushed the token into his palm for I was afraid he would drop it and that was all I had was two tokens and a quarter.
"Now you need to get on the subway" I said and started to walk toward the station.
"Ok." he said but walked the other way I turned to call him he was gone.
I walked up the block and called Carolyn to tell her of what happened and about the young twin of Rob I had encountered.
After a long pause she told me how when Rob was a young kid he had been stabbed and died on a subway but was brought back to life in the hospital.
Was it young Roberts ghost?
You tell me.....

Are these alien test of compassion , are they ghost, or inter dimensional bleed overs?

If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email or just post your story at this site.

Thank you for your time..................




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