The Full Window Peeper


This is the full picture lifted from the Gina Jones tape.

The creature shown in this picture looks like the entity that my Brother Ralph and I called a Window Peeper.

Below you will find a description of the entity.

The Window Peepers-Yneep Yneeps

We also called them Widow Rappers ,Tappers ,Scratchers , and Knockers.

For this is what they would do to get you to look at the window were
you would first catch them peeking at you.
They were small and very thin humanoids.
Large heads with huge wrap around cat eyes.
Their hand had four long fingers but were very large.
Too large for such puny looking arms.
They were tan or beige gray in color.

They wore black skin tight outfits.
Though their movements were very marionette like they too were extremely fast and strong.
They always came in groups of three.
Very aggressive and would pursue you if you ran.
They would force you to look into their eyes.
They caused the "Googaly Feeling" as we called it.
They were the most hated and feared out the Dream Demons.
They had a nose but it was so flat to the skull that it appeared to be only holes.

Some of them had pointed ears but they were very flat to the side of the head almost gill like while others just had holes were the ears should have been.

For the most part they never look away from you for they seem to both communicate with and entranced you with their eyes.

I could see how some one would think they did not have ears for normally they are looking right into your eyes and so you mainly see them face on.

They have very small piranha like lip less mouths and they do have something like baby teeth but its like a one piece or very hard gums.
They did make sounds like "Yneep" and clicks short hisses but very rarely in front of us, we'd some time hear them before we saw them.
It was when we did not see them, but heard them that we would then refer to them as The Yneep Yneeps.
They were not always there for us.
Our apartment over looked the gravel covered roof of a bed factory.
It offered a perfect place to land a small craft unseen in a highly urban
area of the south Bronx.
This is written in hind site now back then we thought they came out of the ally or the air shaft between the two buildings.


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