The Golden Heart


Was this an attempt of communication?

I think it was now but back when it happened I just push it of at being a coincidence and nothing more in fact I thought the dark object could be a high flying kite for a moment but it was up to high and flew eastward in a northern wind with out dancing or varying its course.

The other factor was that the object had crossed the full length of the sky at the same level and shape but it did change its shape from that of a black dot to a black triangle and at times just seemed to stand still and then wink out and on.

By winking out I don't mean it had lights or even lighted up it, the object would just slowly fade out and reappear as it moved.

At one point I say out loud on tape its gone but yet is is still picked up by the camcorder but still I was not convinced as to what it was and said that I would need a tape of a kite to compare its movements to see if a kite could travel so far and up and not move erratically about.

A short time later as I was standing in my backyard I saw a kite and was taping it for comparison purposes when a little UFO appeared of to the side of it.

The UFO was very far off and moved very slowly a cross the sky but it remained in the picture of the kite.

Was this too a demonstration or a communication that they knew of my confusion about the dark object as to if it was a real UFO or a High Flying kite.

Or was this just another coincidence?

Well I feel that the coincidence of this coincidence was to much of a coincidence to be considered a coincidence.

The pictures below have all been gray screened because the objects seen in them had the tendency to go into the infra red and sky cloak as I call it,that is to say they would suddenly turn the color of the sky making them hard to see to the unaided or untrained eye.

A camcorder picks up things in the infra red you can prove this to your self just by looking through the viewer of your camcorder and flashing your tv remote at it you will see the flicker, I do not know if this works for the new color view as I have an old Sharp Camcorder that viewer shows only black and white.

There are more pictures to this sighting.




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