The Grey Shadows


The appearance of a misty fog like figure can be both a haunting or a visitation by aliens depending on how it is viewed by the Experiencer.

Some years ago, the tv network, Wpix it was called then, WB it is called now aired a program devoted to hauntings in Hollywood.

While filming in a theater that was thought to be haunted a small faintly glowing vaporous humanoid form was taped as it crossed the room and went through a wall.

The investigators ecstatically exclaimed it was a ghost but I have seen this type of entity before, in fact all my life, and it is the reason I do not ever sleep in a totally darkened room.

My brother Ralph and I use to call them " Caspers " when we were but children for then we thought they were ghost or spirits.

These things could plainly be seen by us, moving about or bed room when the lights were out.

At times these mist like entities would clump into patches or blurry balls of non reflective light and come very close to your face then brighten until you could not see anything but its dimmed gray brilliance.

These things would move about our bedroom randomly and their motions were independent of our eye movements so they were not a optically produced illusion.

It was not until I was takened from my bedroom by seven foot versions of these entities that I began to wonder just what were these things I had been seeing.

It is only because of the rings left in the grass of the site that I was taken to that I call the entities that took me aliens, but I still do not know what to call the Caspers.

The Caspers were there every night, aliens are not permanent guest so I don't feel these entities were aliens, but were they ghost?

Ghost are not every night visitors either, and they are fixed to a location I see these things moving in the darkness everywhere I go, so I know they are not a fixed phenomena unless they are somehow fixed to me.

I know this not to be true, for they have been seen by others of my family.

I later found out these things were present in Ralphs home too, and were also encountered by my mother though it took the threat of being left alone one night in his home to make her speak of them.

It was during this same incident that she gave name to these things that best describes them, she called them Gray Shadows.

If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email or just post your story at this site.

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