The Myth Of The Myth Of Flying Saucers.


As I was watching the program about the making of Steven Spielberg's Taken I found myself getting angrier and angrier as every other sentence seemed to be about The Myth Of Flying Saucers.
What myth?
Taken all right it's more like we been took.
Wasn't there any research done on this twenty hour piece of boredom?
I am so tired of Non Experiencers being the only voice for those that are the True Experiencers.
This program was full of garbage that had nothing to do with the real Encounter's experience but I am sure the "Want To Be Abductees" will be swearing they experienced and once again muddling up the true facts of this already perplexing phenomena.
Wouldn't it have been better to base this program on the accounts ofreal Experiencers?
Why not use the real design of craft that were seen.
Why not use the real descriptions of the many kinds of beings that have been seen during these events.
Why not highlight the high strangeness that comes along with these encounters instead of making another blond haired blue eyed Messiah.
The twisting of time, the poltergeist activity, and all around the paranormality that accompanies this phenomena.
Why not sacrifice trying to be so damned entertaining, for being more educational?
Why not show how hard it is to try to continue to be"normal" in the midst of paranormality that follows these events.
Why not show how alien your human friends and family become towards youafter you try to tell them what happened to you?
Why not talk about the isolation, the divorces, the
institutionalization, and the suicides, caused not by the alien
abduction, but the human reaction and rejection caused because our government chose to in act a debunking policy, rather than honestly telling the public the truth?
Oh yes one day in the future the truth will be known and we Experiencers will be validated, big deal!
That doesn't mean "Dodolelysquat" now for those of us that are trying to bring that knowledge to the world sooner than later.
That's like giving medals to the now aged and or dead veterans of the first and second World Wars, or those damned Life Time Achievement Awards.
They always come many years after the events that they were deserved, and years after they could have done their receivers some good..
What good does that do for the receiver?
None at all.
These awards are to save face of the people and or institutions that for reasons of jealousy or racial prejudice denied these people their just rewards.
Its all P R and B S.
Look at the excellent work Steven Spielberg did all those years before he finally received his much deserved recognition from his peers.
It's great that he and others had the stamina to continue but what of those that did not survive the neglect, or suffered from the lack of the prosperity and funding that would have come with that recognition.
Oh yes the polite and the politically correct will humbly accept these awards and go quietly on there way and say nothing about how it felt to have the foot of their peers on their neck for years.
But then there are those like Mr. Mickey Rooney who after receiving one of these awards let his peers and the public know just how too little and too late these awards were.
He was labeled as bitter by the press and others, how odd when you tell the truth you are considered bitter, and not truthful.
I rather not wake for the world to wake up but to wake the world up!
Maybe that is why "They" are waiting and taking so long, rather than confronting us with a truth that our government has long blinded us with.
The punch line of "The Little Green Men From Mars" is still used to make a joke of these real events.
Even though as long as I can remember no one has said they encountered little green men or that these beings claimed to be from Mars.
They site the panic caused by the Orson Wells radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds as a reason to keep this lie going.
What if that broadcast had been about aliens more like ET that had been broadcasted that night?
Would there have been such a panic?
Would there have been a need now to protect the public from the truth?
Had we known the truth back in 1947 how different would it be now?
Would we now be out among the stars as part of a intergalactic group?
Would we be as terrified of the thought of these beings walking among us as we are today?
Look at what wonderful technologies we have stolen so far from their recovered craft.
What would they have shared with us if we had been more open with them and our own society.
Even had not they wished to openly share with us our world would have united against a perceived threat from outside our world.
That alone to me would have been worth it.
We suppose because of their advanced technologies that they are older than us.
Suppose that we never had the racial hatred or wars that plagued and hindered our development on Earth?
Saying that we did not get these advancement from crashed alien craft, look how far we have come technically since the last world war.
Where could we be in another fifty years? A hundred? A thousand?
Now imagine if we never had a war or racial hatred from our beginning, where would we be at now?
What if all that manpower, and man hours, had not been used to kill each other, or to hold one group or the other back or down, where could we be?
We could have met "Them" face to face in the dark of space instead of in the darkness of our bed rooms.
But noooo, here we are, still struggling with the myth of a myth, trapped on this tiny sphere out in a far arm of the Milky wayinstead of taking our rightful place as cosmic citizens, and explorers of the universe.



Thank you for your time.

Posey Gilbert

"Know thy self, and you'll know thine enemy." Posey Gilbert