The NWO And The Return Of The Gods


In 1997 I was asked to speak about my experiences and to show my video footage of UFOs to a group of interested peoples at the UN.
One of the other spokes persons Col. Colman Von Keviczky spoke about a treaty that had been drawn up by the New World Order .

(With much regrets I am sad to say we lost this champion UFO researcher and fiery spokesman on July 27th 1998.)

His last words to me as we parting after the conference were,

" Keep up the good fight my Cosmic Brother. "

Words that would eventually lead to my finally creating this site where things generally scoffed at even by those that claim to have an unbiased interest in this phenomena can be freely aired for consideration and debate.

This giant among men, and one time official in the UN, spoke of an agreement made during the Reagan/Bush years.
After The Pioneer 10 sent back signals that alerted NASA to the presence of another larger planet out beyond Pluto in the area of the sky where the ancient text said Nibiru would be found at, at this time as it started its return to the inner solar system.
Zacheria Sitchin was then called to speak to the heads of NASA about Nibiru and their ancient text.
In addition let us not forget the pictures sent back from Mars by the Russian probe Phobos of a fifteen mile long object that rose up from the surface of Mars and came between it "the probe Phobos" and the Martian moon Phobos just before the probe as the Russians put it "disappeared."
This fifteen mile long theme was repeated in the movie Independence Day, that was no coincidence by the way we are slowly being readied for such an encounter.
Phobos also sent back infer red pictures of what seemed to be a heated grid like formation on Phobos.
It was similar to the steam pipes under the streets of cities on Earth.
Are these the remnants of the people left behind on Mars when it had its last and fatal encounter with Venus?
We all now know of the structures seen on Mars, the Face the Pyramids etc.
Today we are told it was just natural formation for it looks like a crumbling mountain or mesa when viewed through high resolution.
I ask you what would the pyramids look like if Earth had an encounter with a comet much larger than it in size?
Shortly after The Phobos encounter with the device above Mars signals form Pioneer 10 confirmed some of the things written in these ancient text about the outer planets and registered what may be Nibiru was when Reagan started to make remarks of how the world would unite if there was a perceived threat to the human race coming from aliens in outer space.
This gentleman, at the UN, stated that under the N.W.O a treaty was drawn up "The Scorched Earth Policy" stating that if Earth was ever to be attacked from outer space by a hostile alien culture that we could not repel it was agreed that we would detonate every nuclear arsenal on Earth.
This is why Star Wars is still being researched though Russia is no longer a threat.
Today we are being bombarded by the great Asteroid threat and this is now being linked to why we still need to work on Star Wars.
Could the truth be we are preparing for the return of these Gods, for remember when they last left they said they would return in judgment of the living and the dead of Mankind.
What does that phrase mean "the living and the dead?"
I say this means they will be returning to judge all of the surviving Mankind by its history.
Who the hell are they to judge anything about us when they are responsible for us being as we are?
Is there any wonder why the NWO treaty was signed now?
That said I will now go on to describe an experience I had concerning these entities three years ago.
I call it an experience for I don't know what else it is that I should call it but you may call it what you want after hearing it, it does not matter to me I only tell you that it happened the way I will describe it.
I had a dream that I know was a dream for it was taking place in a future time when the Nibiru had returned to the Earth.
In this dream I was running about warning people that these so called Gods should not be trusted.
I was captured by them and expected myself to be executed but found myself tending a beautiful garden.
It all was so very clear and real for I could see everything in such detail every blade of grass every flower the pistons with in them their scents and the feel of them in my hand when I touched them.
I could feel the movement of the hairs on my arm in the gentle breeze that came blowing through the garden and hear the sounds that the leaves of the trees made as it passed amongst them moving each leaf separately as a breeze does in real life.
I stopped to think "Wow this must have been how The Garden Of Eden was."
And then a voice that every cell in my body, the sky above me, everything in the garden, and even the breeze blowing through it recognized as the voice of GOD said "This is so."
"Are you the GOD of Eden?" I asked.
"This is so" the voice seem to answer from within and from everything about me,
"But We are not the Creator."
"Oh" I said suddenly enraged "then you are the Gods Of Nibiru."
"This is so." came the answer.
"It's your fault that Mankind is in the state it is now, and our world is all messed up!" I shouted.
"This is so" came the gentle rumbling that was the voice, "This is why we are coming back, we must undo what we have done, but we can not do it alone."
In that instant I was made to see deep out into space and saw what looked like a spinning spiral of heat it could only be seen because it distorted the stars behind it as it passed before them and I knew I was seeing pure awareness then I was back in the garden.
"We would be in that state had you not robbed us of it!" I bellowed at the voice cussing it with words I will not write here.
"This is so." It calmly answered "But by our mingling our blood with yours we have bound our destinies to yours, this is why we are coming back."
"Oh I see!" I said "You ran into something bigger than you are out there, and you can not advance to the next level with out us going too, huh?!"
"This is so." it answered "This is why we are coming back."
"To kill us, or to make us think you are Gods so we will serve you again?!" I screamed at it.
"You do not understand, we no longer want to be seen as Gods, we must undo what we have done, but we can not do it alone." the voice softly answered.
"Oh you need us to help clean up this mess you made?" I snarled.
"This is so." the voice answered.
Then suddenly a thought entered my head and I said,
"Wait a minute, I don't think that I am even talking to the Nibiru.
I think you are just some bio psychico mechanical recorder device made to answer my question though truthfully by the damned Nibiru!"
And the voice said "This is so."
I went into a rage and in my wroth I shouted at it,
"Then you are still trying to deceive us into thinking you are a God!"
I could not restrain my odium of these beings that I thought were again trying to pass themselves off as a Deity/Deities and I became so livid, so infuriated, that my own shouting at them in my sleep, started to awaken me and I heard the voice calling after me,
"You do not understand, come back, come back, you do not understand, come back, come back!"
And I awoke in my room to hear the voice still calling,
"You do not understand, come back, come back!"
It was just like it was in the "Dream", every cell in my body, and everything in the room recognized it as being the voice of GOD.
I jumped up from my bed panic stricken and stood there listening to this voice until it finally grew fainter and faded away never saying anything more than, "You do not understand, come back, come back!"
Once it had finally died away I sighed and sat back down on the side of my bed and said aloud to myself,
"Wow, wait till Carolyn hears this."
In that instant it was like I was turned off and I collapsed on the bed.
I once passed out on the subway because of my low blood pressure and this was similar to that,
but I did not first get dizzy like I did when I passed out I just fell out like I had been deactivated.
I did not think about this event any more until about a week or two later when I was talking to, my friend Carolyn, another Experiencer, on the phone.
We were discussing an event that had happened earlier, when she had called an awoke me one morning about 2:00 AM.
As we were talking she suddenly asked me if I was ok for it seemed that I had gotten quiet and she was wondering if I had dozed off.
" No " I said "I am just listening to you. ", which was true and we continued to talk for another two hours or so then we said our good byes and I rose from my living room chair and hang up the phone and started to walk to my bedroom.
Then it hit me that when I had answered the phone I was in bed asleep for she had awakened me.
For me to have gotten to the living room on the phone I would have had to do the " Phone Dance " as I call it.
I would have told her to hold on went into the living room unhooked the phone and walk back to the bed room to hang up that phone and back into the living room to continue our conversation, which I did not do.
I called her back and told her what had happened and asked if I had did the phone dance and she said no and reminded me if those two seconds when she said I seemed to go out on her.
I was just saying how weird that was for I still did not know how I had ended up in the living room and that was when the dream/event popped back into my mind.
Do I feel it was the Nibiru that spoke to me?
Now I have had " Layered Dreams" as I call them, before where I have woken up within, another dream to wake up within another dream, but this was not like those dreams.
I stood up and was wide awake and fully alert when I was still hearing the voice calling me to come back.
For it was a frightening thing in life one does not feel the awareness of inanimate objects, in this experience I did, and am at a loss to find away of explaining it for this is not part of the culture I was brought up in.
To feel awareness coming from your hair your finger nails and the floor beneath your feet makes no sense in my way of understanding the world.
It was not like these things were talking to me only that I knew they were aware of this voice speaking in the room.
Maybe this is the way things are perceived within the Quantum mind.
Was this an attempt on their, the Nibiru, behalf to show me they were going to return to Mankind that which they so long ago took from us?
I don't know, I only know this was a true event that happened to me and I related it here as it happened only to bring completeness and end to my article.(Despite the thought that it sounds absolutely crazy)
I later spoke about my (dream/vision/encounter) what ever you want to call it to the Abductees support group I was apart of then and most of them were upset by my attitude toward these entities and maybe that will be the feeling of some that read this article, and that is ok by me too.
I included this event from my life not to start panic, or inspire hope, but just to make people aware of what is going on.
I don't ask that you believe, but that you do the research for yourself.
I hope in some way I have help you with this article if I have or have not please feel free to Email me with your response or questions.





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