The Rings In The Park


These are the rings left in the park at the site of my abduction.

The light coloring to these rings is only became visible in the video tape to look at them with out the camera they looked to be the same as the surrounding soil.


Below are pictures of the ring I call the King Ring because of the shape with in the circle.



Below are pictures of the Triangle Ring so named because of the shape with in its ring.



The picture below was lifted from a tape I made of the site as you can see a year later the circles are still plainly visible although the grass has grown back in them.

Their lighter color is because the grass in the circles matured and began to seed before the surrounding grass this is because it continued to grow during the winter.

The pictures below are from my tape and show some of the darker scorch marks that I found on the hill side above the big lawn.


My interview by Antonio Huneeus and the NYCMUFON Group.




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