The Luminous Tumbling Smoke Ring Or The Spherical Manifestation Of Light

Written by: Posey Gilbert 1975.
First posted on Internet 2006.

Imagine a smoke ring and note the way its sides all roll in a different direction as it expands as it moves through the air.
Imagine that this smoke ring is luminous and is all at once tumbling, pitching and rolling as it tumbles at the speed of light.
Now imagine that you can somehow keep this luminous, pitching, and rolling smoke ring stationery in place before you.
To we whom are not able to track the movement of things at the speed of light the ring would seem to occupy all points at once and so the luminous, pitching, and rolling smoke ring would appear to be a sphere or bubble of light. So to answer the question that has plagued physicist for so long "What is a photon a particle or a wave?" The answer is simply it is a bubble, but now you must ask yourself "In water is a bubble a particle or a wave?"

This is the true nature of a photon, but not only a photon but all matter/energy on the Quantum level.
Because of our limited Linear view of our universe we are not able to view the total sphere but only a thin slice of the whole.
So to us we would only see a slice of the total the part that is close to us and the part that is directly opposite to that piece we see.
So of the photon we see only two separated spinning slices of the total.

One slice we will see with a left or north spin and the other with a right or south spin.
However we tend to overlook that it depends on our position when we view these two spinning points as to which way it and is partner's rotation.To the Linear Observer (LO) or Linearean it would appear to be an expanding tumbling, pitching and rolling ring but to the Quantum Observer (QO) or Quantumantian it appears to be a expanding sphere or bubble. The LO will see it in different stages, where as the QO will see it manifested at all its points all at once. To the Linearean this motion is at the speed of light. In truth there is no speed to light at all as it is an omnipresent phenomena. it is just the devices we use to make it visible to us that gives us the illusion that there is a speed to it. Darkness is only light that we are unable to see.To the Quantumantian it simply is at all points at once. To the Linearean this manifestation would appear as spheres of matter, liquid, gas, plasma, and varying energies and so spheres within spheres like a split jaw breaker. To the Quantumantian there is no striation, or spaces between the spheres it all is the same energy. Like ripples on a pond the water remains chemically unchanged by the waves passing through it. This is the underlying pattern through out the multi levels of the universe.What needs to be understood each spin about the ring represents a portion of another sphere, so instead of being links in a chain mail it is more like a spheres integrated with spheres. Each link linking up with the opposite spin or rotation of the next sphere


On the quantum level the direction of the spin or rotation dose not matter because both are but only motions through a medium. This motion is in actuality the interplay and exchange of the tangible and the intangible space. Because in the all things are in constant motion nothing is ever at one point long enough to collide with or hinder this eternal motion. In the above example the arrows represent the flow or motions of both tangible and intangible space.

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