The Window Peeper


These are blow ups from the lift or the tv program A Current Affair.

They show a frame from a video tape made by Gina Jones Of South Carolina in the late eighties.

The distortion in these pictures is caused by both the bad tv reception I had in those days being that there was no cable in our area at that time, and the fact that the tape is now degenerating.

As luck would have it, crosses the face of the entity I call a Window Peeper after the name that me and my younger brother Ralph called these enities when we was them during the fifties.

They were a of a group of variouse kinds of beings we called the Dream Demons for we had been told by our parents that we wre having nightmares when we saw these things come into or bed room in the night time, however once they started appearing to us in the light of full day we started to call them Dream Demons for we thought they had followed us back from the realm of dreams.

You can read more about these entities in my article eslewhere at this site called,

" Quantumantics The Language Of The ETs. "




This is a light blasted picture of the Window Peeper.

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