The Invisible Cat


I sometimes have visits here from what I call the Invisible Cat, although neither invisible or cat is a accurate name for it, for it is not always invisible, nor is it always a cat.
It will start with the appearance of what looks like a fuzzy looking spot about the size of a paddle ball that sometimes rolls swiftly across the floor and looks to be a jet black mouse or it will suddenly zip up from the floor and go zooming about the house like a huge black flying insect.
Then later on the invisible cat will start showing up.
Sometimes it does look like a jet black cat.
Now understand, I do have a black cat, but he has a white bib and boots.
Sergio or, the evil cat, or "Puss" as I call him and I had a half and hour chase and discussion about where he could and could not go when he first became part of my house hold some many years ago.
Having had a cat before him that urinated into and ruined my precious Arp Odyssey, I wanted to make sure he knew sitting on electric appliances would not be allowed if he was to stay here.
After that point I never had another problem with him about it, but the invisible cat will always manifest atop my key boards, computers, VCRs, and TV sets.
Of course once I scream "Puss! " at the top of my lungs thinking it is him suddenly Puss will come out of hiding or another room and give me that, "Now what the hell is wrong with you?" look.
Then when I look back the other cat will be gone then Puss will turn and walk off and give me the cat exclamation point with the pink dot.
When invisible, the invisible cat will brush against or rub against my ankles, or do that tickling thing that cats will do with their tails to my leg.
Often this will happen when my hands are full, or when I am working at the computer.
Puss is mainly a sweet heart, but because he is also a biter "thus his nickname the evil cat" I do not allow him to do this when I am not looking at him.
When I go to pet him, or shoo-shoo him away from me, thinking that, it is Puss, he is no where near me.
Sometimes the invisible cat will also get into locked rooms and spray to leave behind that awful male cat smell.
It's visitations can last from anywhere from a week, or to several months then it ends like it starts with the black fuzz ball being seen for a little while then it all stops.
I believe it to be what I call a Nontal Entity and have written about them at this site already so I won't get into it here.

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