The Curse Of The Gods

One evening as I sat watching television I saw a commercial about England.
In it there was a shot of the Royal Guards standing before Buckingham Palace.
I began do think about the wooden soldier posturing of these men and wondered how such a unnatural stance could have come into being.
As I began to think more about it I was reminded of the iron clad knights was that too a throw back memory of the men of metal that served the Gods?
Even to the streaming banners carried at the head of their armies were these representations of the rockets that used to stream over head as their troops went to war against the army of another God?
In a moment it struck me could it be that the rigid actions of these men and the militaries through out the world were just the human mimicfications of the robots of the ancient Nibiru?
I thought of a statue I have seen from Summeria and some have said is a Grey Entity.
I have had problems with this thought for the creatures I have seen that I would place under that category that being the Greys, have bulbous domed heads not coned as is the head of this statue.
Sitchin pointed out that these were robots and with that in mind, I looked again to the picture of this entity and was reminded of the hats worn by the Royal Guards.
Was this strange hat a human way of adopting the appearance of these robots.
Was the wooden solder movements adapted from the motions of these machines?
The emotion less cold and fixed stair is that not one of a machine, and those now being reported by Encounterers of some of the Grey Entities?
The blind obedience once demanded of the solder "before the trials at Nuremberg" "I was only following orders." was that not the same obedience expected of the machine?
Even to this day the boast of being a lean mean killing "machine" is the maim credo from all military forces.
The fact that the Native American had to train the Western men to go silently, and to hide or (camouflage) themselves or take shelter and not stand out in the open wearing bright red uniforms when going onto battle.
Would not common sense and the law of survival make this a natural thing to do when even animals know to do this in the presence of their enemies?
How could this obvious military tactic be over looked and, not have come into being from the very start?
Could it be because the western men were still mimicking the actions of ancient robots that could walk into direct fire unharmed?
Kingships being established by the Gods mirrored the actions of their founders.
So any where you found kingships this foolish military procedure was prevalent, how could such a asinine tactic of making as much noise as possible and being out in clear site have ever been considered useful by any militia?
The " roar of engines and squeaking of gears" or war machines were replaced by the beating of drums and blowing fifes.
When the solders were mechanical devises I is well could see how so bold or stupid an attack could a have come about if the solders were of metal or some kind of a manufactured living machine ie " Golem."
To the Gods we men were no more than robots or slaves, for is not a slave is truly no more than a robot wrapped in flesh?
Mankind too would have been trained to act in the same manner as did their other creations.
Thunder and clamor works well to intimidate the enemy if you are coated with metal not if you are wrapped in rags and flesh.
When you simply can make more it is easy to see how the Gods mentality of sending wave after wave of men to their death can easily be seen as logical for men to them were only a machine, a device, a tool to be use and discarded after use, like so many bullets fired at the enemy.
This mentality is still present in the planning and execution of the militaries of the world today.
The curse of the Gods is still the same reason we enter into battle and was the same reason that Mankind was taught the art of war and first entered into battle, for the Gods that were fighting over land, and to this day is the same reason that all wars are fought, that being, "For God And Country!"


Please note the (shem) or cone shaped head of the entity and cone helmets worn by the palace guard.

Note worthy is also is the positioning of the object (weapon?) carried by this entity.

Now notice that the troops in the background of the picture also right shoulder their arms as well as the flags.

Is this too an ancient military procedure left over from the time when the Gods taught men to war?

Into The Darkness