The Dark Of Day

September 1st 1999 I awoke because of the sudden silence in my bedroom.
You see because of my life time of weird and frightening encounters, I never sleep with the lights off and the tv or radio not on.
Since the beginning of this year my life has been turned upside down by multiple events and encounters with the paranormal as you may already know if you have read my other articles at this site.
My sleeping pattern has went back to that before my transformation so I rarely go to bed before the sun rises when I feel safer because I feel there are more people active and alert during these times so there's less chance that these things will happen.
On this morning after another sleepless night I decided to finally go to bed at 8:00 AM.
Since the beginning of this year I have been the victim of those annoying and aggravating nightmares that I call, (SDs) shattered dreams, or (SGDs) stained glass dreams.
These dream though I call them nightmares are not always frightening but they put you through and emotional gamete with collage after collage of intensely emotional scenarios, dealing with losing loved ones, pets, having to do things that in life you know you would never do, or things that you have truly done but deeply regretted having done.
The most hated of these dreams I call house dreams where you are trapped in a house and can not get out, or you are in the house trying to keep intruders out that are human, and or sometimes aliens.
At times these dreams would be beautiful and tender and then suddenly you would be made aware that this person is dead, or no longer loves you, and this is just a dream.
In other dreams of this ilk prophecies would be slipped into these dreams either directly or shown or in a metaphoric way, things that you would really see come to pass, but you don't know that till it happens then you are left wondering/dreading what else in these dreams would come to pass?
Then there is the hated (TDs) trap dreams that pull you back into them, that though you awaken from them when you fall back to sleep they continue from where you left them.
They also sometimes trick you by making you think you have awakened but you've awoken only into another dream, or once you do awaken its like you just collapse back to sleep before you can get up and out of bed.
I found that if I have the light on in the room I can break the pull of these dreams and am able to get up and if I go out side to walk the dogs for a few moments I can end these nightmares for a while, or if I let the radio or tv run, if I focus on the sounds from them in my dreams I can pull myself out, or put end to them.
Sometimes however it is my own crying, cussing, or outright rage, that awakens me from these dreams.
See why I call them nightmares?
Now imagine you have up to twenty of these dreams in one night, one after the other, after another, now imagine that this happens most of the time you lay down to go to sleep.
Well the effect of these dreams are, though you sleep you do not rest, and you awake drained from them as if you never slept at all.
Well now that you have an idea of what I have been going through before the coming of these events, let me continue.
I had been using the above technique over the last month because of these SGDs were draining me and it had been helping me a bit at least in pulling myself out of them when they got too hairy.
Well that Friday morning I was just having a ordinary welcomed restful sleep with no dream of importance that I can remember when suddenly I became uncomfortable and began to sweat.
I awoke in a silent and darkened room.
My bedroom is on the side of the house facing the ally way and the sun was not yet high enough to reach down in my window, but it was still light outside.
I looked to my tv and thought first it had blown out but then I saw the VCR clock, my digital alarm clock, and my light beside my bed was out, then I realized why I was sweating was because the air conditioner had cut off.
"Damn there must have been a power outage!" I thought because of the high temperatures we had been having at that time, I reached for the phone to see if it was working.
Then suddenly from below my bed room window came a sound that sounded like a cross between a buzz saw, a grinder, and electric arc, then suddenly the bedroom shook and everything came on at once.
For a second I panicked thinking the boiler was blowing up but that soon passed. Except for the flashing clocks that now had to be reset, the room was now as I remembered it had been before I went to sleep.
"Great" I thought "Now I have to reset all the other eight digital clocks, and reprogram the two answering machines, and four VCRs when I get up!"
"Well to hell with them, I just laid down to sleep and I am not going to get up and do it now!" I thought and laid back down and went to sleep.
When I got up about 2:30 PM I was surprised to see that the black out had been localized only to my bed room.
None of the other devices in the house showed any stoppage of power only the bed room.
What was it?
Power surge or drop?
My apartment has circuit breakers and if there had been a power surge or drop they would have been tripped they were not.
There was no mention of brownouts or service interruptions on the news.
Then there was that sound and the shaking of the bed room.
When I later walked the dogs I notice nothing amiss in the basement as I was passing through it on the way to the back yard.
No one else in the house that I know of had any problem with their service that day either.
I just attributed it to the Darknessness as I call it that occasionally sweeps through my home turning off, or on, certain electric and some times non-electric things (Sunlight) as it passes through, but this is the first time I have ever had a sound associated with its passing through and a physical shaking.
If this was due to Alien or Inter dimensional activity I do not know for I have seen it happen in the presence of both phenomena.

Within The Cracks Of The Paranormal