The Doll Game


In these days of electronic and video games I wonder if any one still plays or
remembers the game we use to play in the school yard at recess called,
"Red Light Green Light One Two Three."
You would stand at one end of the play area, and your playmates would line up at the other side.
You then would cover your eyes turn around and say the above statement as fast as you could and remove your hands from your eyes and turn back around.
As you were saying these words your playmates would try to advance on you, but once you completed the lines they had to freeze in the position they were in when you completed the phrase.
If you caught them moving when you lowered your hands they were out.
The game ended when none of them were left or one of them was close enough to tag you while your eyes were covered and you were saying the line.
I played this game only once for I found the effect too horrifying which neither my teachers or my comrades could understand.
My personal name for the game was "The Doll Game" which people thought was poetic, but had no idea of what I meant by it, or why I so hated this game.

All my life I and my brother Ralph have had an abhorrence and absolute terror of dolls, puppets, dummies, manikins and marionettes so much so that no doll of any type has ever lasted a week beyond it's entrance into our home.
The moment it's newness wore off of it and my sisters attention turned away from it it's head arms and legs would mysteriously vanish.
It's size shape or cuteness made no difference to Ralph or me, to enter our home was a death sentence.
Wether we got scolding whippings or beatings it made no difference to us, no dolls was to survive in our home.
Not even G.I Joes were not spared this fate so it was not a boys being boys thing.
What was it?
Well it was the fact that both Ralph and I each, at different times, and sometimes together witnessed these toys doing things that they were never designed to do, that being moving on their own accord.
Heads turning to look at you, being one position or place then when next you look back to them they are in another position or place.
With the advent of Chatty Cathy our worst nightmares were realized.
My first cousin Marcy whom my mother used to babysit bought this doll with her one day.
Our curiosity about this new toy over came our fear of dolls as Marcy was showing us how to make her talk by pulling her string.
Ralph discovered if you pulled the string in several short jerks the record would skip inside of her and she would say all kinds of things that she was not suppose to.
Some of them being cuss words but this was simply one phrase or word being merged with another as the needle skipped along the record.
Well as the game went on we passed the doll around and each took a turn jerking her string and delighting in the stupid and sometimes crude things Chatty would say.
Then Ralph excited from the game jerked and pulled the string harder than we had been and let go and Chatty winced, " Ralph, stop!"
He screamed and she was thrown down with such force that her head split and her eyes crossed, which both ended that doll game and signed poor Chatty's death warrant, and earned us one of the worst beatings.
In later years I used to think that our fear of dolls, puppets, dummies, manikins and marionettes was bought on solely because of our many encounters with alien entities, but after this recent conversation with my mother, I am now not so sure.
Recently I was telling my mother of this event and to my surprise she began to tell me about an event that happened some years ago at the time of my aunt Bob's death due to cancer.
My cousin Adrena, Bob's daughter of course was not taking it well and my mother was staying at Bob's home at night with her while Adrena's father was working.
In Bob's guess room where my mother slept, on the dresser there sat a large doll.
My mother said that as she turned out that light and lay there in the darkened room, she saw the doll begin to move.
She turned on the light, and the doll was again sitting on the dresser.
She laughed at herself and chalked it up to the stress of just having loss her beloved baby sister, and told her self to stop being silly then again turned out the light.
"I'll fix you," she said, "I won't even look at you."
Turning her back to the dresser she tried to go to sleep.
As she lay there trying to put the sad events of the week, and the coming funeral out of her mind, she started to hear the soft rustling of clothing, and at first tried to ignore it.
After a time she grew uncomfortable for she began to feel as if some one was watching her.
Thinking Adrena had come into the room she turned over.
To her shock she said she saw the doll was now climbing down from the dresser!
Jumping up from the bed, she grabbed the doll and tossed it into, and locked it in the bedroom closet.
Stress or not she knew that she had to get some sleep and she could not do it with that damned doll in the room.
The next morning one of my other aunts (she was not sure which one) was arriving for the funeral so my mother now went to stay at her home so that the room would be freed up.
It was some years after that as my Mother and this Aunt was talking about the passing of Bob when my Aunt asked her,
"Mattie, when you were sleeping at Bob's, did you ever see that big doll in the bed room move at night?"
She then began to tell my mother how while staying at Bob's home the night after the funeral, she saw that doll start to move three times during the night and then start to climb down off the dresser.
She then told her how she was only able to get some sleep when she locked it in the bedroom closet.
If anyone else reading this article has experience this same phenomena please contact me.

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