The Golden Light


On the day that Ralph died as I called around to tell people of his passing I
found he had visited friends and family one after the other as I called them.
I became kind of depressed for he had not visited me to say good bye.
I had seen what had happened the night before he died how he had embraced our mother with his spirit before we left, but he had not embraced me or come to me.
When I called Mark to tell him that Ralph had passed, Mark told me he had a dream about Ralph that was so real, that when he awoke, he had to write it down and had just finished writing it down when I called.
I told him Ralph had passed that morning at five o'clock and he told me it was about that time that he had the dream and started to write it down.
As he told me of the dream unknown to him, he began to described the area around the hospital Ralph had died in, though he had never been there.
He described the little park area before it and the houses around it.
Then he described how he had entered one of the houses across from the little park, and on his entrance Ralph jumped up from a couch and hugged him.
Behind Ralph was a golden light that radiated a peace and love that filled the room.
Mark felt this light was Jesus Christ.
During the dream Ralph said many things to him that he for some reason felt he had to remember.
When Ralph was finished he then stepped back into the golden light and was gone and that was when Mark awoke.
As he was reading back some of the things Ralph had said to him in the dream, and he had written down I was shocked to find Ralph had encoded the words of a song he had written into the things he had said, but Mark had never heard the song.
The song was called,

" Out Of Body."
By: Ralph Gilbert 1984

A glow from myself,
and I step on a zeph'
I stand on a breeze,
leaving old paths behind me.
I soar and I want to sing,
my heart has given me wings!

A taste of the still,
bringing up from my will,
control in my hand,
and a new direction.
I rise up to meet the sun,
frustrations all undone.

Because peace,
when purchased from within,
controls the dream outside of the skin,
and lifts you up beyond its touching.
Each one, must call into their core,
for, the peace and strength that lays within,
is gathered there just for the questing.

And look at me now,
as I reach for a cloud.
I've a firm fashioned faith,
and a new way of living.
My giving has made me see,
there is no end to me.
Though flesh I'm not bound,
no stone holds me down.
I take to the air,
like a new star shooting!

I soar and I want to sing,
my heart has given me wings!
I soar and I want to sing,
my heart has given me wings!
I soar and I want to sing,
my heart has given me wings!


When I first heard this song it was some four years before then.
What was funny about that is the only song I ever heard that I remembered word for word the from the first time I heard it.
Another odd thing about that incident was during that time I honestly felt that I was dieing or going to die soon, but I did not know why.
Now I know I was feeling Ralph dieing, but I thought it was me.
That was why I made the request.
I told Ralph if I would die before him I wanted it sang at my funeral, and he said he wanted me to do the same if he would die first.
I then realized that , that this was Ralphs' way of saying good bye to me, for he knew if he had just come to me I would have thought I just dreamed of him because I knew he was dying when I left him the night before.
By his going to Mark and using the lyrics of this song as he spoke to him he knew that I would be the only one in the world that could understand its meaning.

On the day of Ralphs' funeral we were preparing to leave and I picked up the Polaroid camera and took this picture of my sister Theresa as she came down stairs.
As the picture started to form I was surprised to see a blue spot that marked the center of a cross on a field of white.
I showed it to Theresa, but she just said the film was bad, throw it away and take another.
I lay the picture on the table and took another picture which came out fine.
Looking to the former picture I now saw the blue spot had now turned golden, and the rest of the picture was still developing but slower, much slower than all the other pictures taken from that same set.
We left to go to the funeral.
As Ralph had requested I did say the words to Out Of Body at his funeral.
When we returned and saw that the picture had finally developed, but when it did as you see there was golden spot between Theresa and I.



It is not a reflection nor is Theresa wareing an necklace or any reflective object about her neck.

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