The Guess Unseen


Last New Years I proposed to have a Moonstruck Gathering at one of our members homes.
Unfortunately because of illness in my family I was unable to attend this last meeting of the millennia.
This was done for two reasons.
The home that the gathering was held at was the home of one of the members of our Moonstruck family, Mrs. Margarette Walla.
Margarette is a true Experiencer a warm and loving person, and one of my most dearest and beloved friends.
She had earlier that year suffered a stroke and was now re-cooping at home.
Because she was unable to attend the meetings during her illness, I thought it would be a good idea to have the last gathering of the millennia at her home.
I also opened the invitation to members of the S.P.A.C.E Group, not only because she was a member of that group too, but because although I had differences with members of that group (and I was later expelled by it) I felt that it did help me in my transformation. (See the article Quantumantics)
For this reason alone I remain grateful for those that were their to help me during that time and truly with out that group my transformation would not have been possible.
I felt that this would also be a good time to put end to any bad feeling between members of that group and myself for there is too much ill will coming toward Experiencers from the outside, with out it coming from within the Experiencers themselves.
However my mother illness and near death made my attendance at this affair impossible.
Fortunately there were pictures taken of the festivities and all involved said they had a wonderful time.
In one of the pictures taken there an orb appears in one of the pictures.
Some has said they feel it is a reflection of the flash of the camera which can also be seen in the tv set.
I have looked at this picture over and over again and used my computer to enhance it and I can not agree that it is a reflection.
I believe it to be an Orb, for many time Margarette have spoken of the strange events that have occurred in her home and presence.
First of all if it was a reflection it would be cast on the wall but the angle of the wall would have caused the reflection if it was such to elongate some what and look elliptical (note the shadows angle coming from the window).
The Orb is perfectly spherical as seen so it could not have been a reflection.
As I ran the picture through the filters of my Adobe Photoshop to high lighted it bring out forms with in the Orb that are often seen within others.
As I know Margarette to be powerfully psychic I feel that this orb was not only attracted to her home by her energy but also by the presence of so many other true Experiencers and so I think this orb is real and to be what I call a Nont.
Following are enhanced pictures of that Orb/Nont.
Please feel free to email me with any comments you may have.


Some have suggested that the Orb seen in the picture is connected to Harold Egeln seen above but I feel it connected more so to the home than to any one person.


This is a darker version of the same picture.


Enhanced Blow Ups