The Hall Ladies Incident


As I grew up I was to be spoken to many times by the Voice of this woman but I was never to see her again.
One such time that sticks out in my mind was as I was standing in the inside yard of P.S 42 waiting for the whistle to blow to line up.
Suddenly the volume of the world turned down and the Woman spoke to me inside my head and said,
" Go upstairs to the room there is something there for you."
I did as she said and climbed the stairs to the forth floor of the school.
I could not help noticing how quiet and empty the halls were I had never seen them like that and truthfully was frightened by the deafening silence of them, but I went on anyway.
As I reached the forth floor and entered the class room I was surprised to see the Black Things/Entities that I had seen in my sisters bedroom some years before were now sitting about the room.
There were I believe nine of them, I did not count but I know there were more than six of them for they always show up in groups of threes.
When I entered the room they leaped up from the desk and began to race about the room as they did the lids on the desks began to flap up and down making a horrible thundering rumble that increased with the speed of these entities as they dashed about the room.
Then just as they did in Theresa's room they all at once converged on the huge windows of the class room through which I could see the windows of my apartment across the tracks of metro north.
Just as in Theresa's room the window went SHOOPMPHF and turned black and all off the outside vanished, for an eternal second and then SHOOPMPHF the windows again returned to normal.
I then walked to my desk folded my hands and sat down starring straight ahead.
That was how my teacher and class mates found me when they came up from the yard to begin the day.
She was startled and asked me what was I doing there, I thought of my mothers warning that if I talked about the things I saw to other people they would have me locked up in a Nut House, and said,
"I thought I was helping you by coming up to the class like that you wouldn't have so many kids to look out for."
She smiled and explained to me that I was never to do this again because if something would have happened to me or a fire would have broken out no one would know I was there maybe until too late.
I was later called into the hall way and asked by my principle Mr. Daividoff how I had gotten up to the class room without any one seeing me I told him the truth I just walked upstairs and that there was no one in the halls when I came up.
I said that I had saw the seats the Hall Ladies sat in but none of the Hall Ladies.
This was to clashed with the Hall Ladies argument that they all had been at their post that morning as they were everyday.
But it was the truth when I went up those stairs their was no one any where to be seen or heard.
The halls were like a tomb, I could not even hear the sounds coming from the yard downstairs.
I did not sneak or try to avoid anyone in fact I did not realize that I had done anything wrong until I met Mrs. Johnson one of my favorite of the Hall Ladies later on and cheerfully said," Hi."
" Don't you hi me you rascal you," she snapped at me, " why did you tell them there was no one in the halls this morning?
I was there all morning until the classes came upstairs."
"What staircase did you use to go up there anyway?" She asked.
"The same one I use everyday," I said.
"You couldn't have, I was there all morning," she said "you must have used the other one."
"No I used that one to come up, but I didn't see you when I came up, I saw your chair but I didn't see you." I protested, " I didn't see you or anybody else when I went upstairs all the chairs were empty." She shook her head and sighed," Little boy you don't know what you did to me, everybody is mad at you, I thought you were a good boy but, you got me and everyone else in big trouble today, I don't know how you got up there but I was there all morning, and as God is my witness, I didn't see you pass, so I know you had to have gone up one of the other ways because you did not come pass me!"

That was the last time I ever saw her for as a result of this all the Hall Ladies were fired and replaced for not one of them could explain how I had gotten up to that class room without anyone seeing me.
I know there are those that will say maybe they were all goofing off at the time I went up, but the fact that Mrs. Johnson confronted me as she did, shows that she honestly thought I had not only lied about how I came upstairs that day, but I had lied on her, and was lying to her when she asked me how I had gotten pass her.

If she knew she had been goofing off and missed me going up, what would have been her point in questioning me as to how I had gotten up those stairs with out her having seen me?

Why The Voice had told me to come upstairs and what the purpose was of the Black Enities racing about the room and causing the thunderation of the desk tops is still beyond my understanding, and I am equally as puzzled by my reaction of sitting down at my desk and folding my hands as I am about my laying down on my bed and crossing my hands over my chest years earlier.

The Black Flashing of the windows in Theresa's room, the class room, and many years later in Ralph's living room all have the same connection the Black Things, but has that any link to the black lines that flashed across the hull of the object I saw after The Voice told me to look above my head to see what seemed to be a star unfix itself and dance across the darkening sky?

Is all of this connected to the same dark flashes that appeared on my Night Watch tapes of the early nineties that identified itself as a Nont, and the black flashes and enities that also appear in other UFO and supernatural pictures.

Is this also tied in with the phenomena I have written about elsewhere at this site in an article I have called "The Darknessness" that from time to time sweeps through my home to this day, and selectively turns off electronic devices while leaving other untouched on the same circuit, then sometimes temporally suspends me in a place of darkness with out ceiling floor or walls?

In my 1991 abduction spoken about in Skyroglyphics written about at this same site I was first taken into this Darknessness by the seven foot Smoke like Entities that used it to teleport me to a park some three blocks away from my home out here in Brooklyn, and there too a black object played a major part in it.

As it did in the article Quantumantics which lead me to a transformation and an understanding of the language of some of these Entities that visit us in the night, once again the appearance of these Black Entities was a harbinger to that event.

Understand though I speak of my transformation but in no way am I yet able to deal with these entities face to face one on one as some claim they can its my feeling that if they are really dealing with anything face to face they are dealing with Nonts, and I keep that thought in mind when i have encounters and when The Voice speak to me I always demand it identify itself.

Nor do I actively initiate a conversation with it or any of the other voices that from time to time speak to me ie. " The Council Of The Winds " as I call them, which I will write of but there too they were triggered directly by my understanding of the Koan of the Universal Number that was given to me by The Lady On the roof, and that was directly triggered by my sighting of the same UFO that inspired John Lennon to write Strange Days Indeed.

Oddly enough there is also a sad but unrelated connection between me and John Lennon the very week before he was shot he came in with his wife and sat before me, Mark, Valery and their children as we were watching the Disney movie Fantasia.

We wanted to ask for an autograph but thought that it would be wrong of us to bother him when it was very obviouse he was trying not to be seen and not wanting to be harassed by people asking for him to sign papers in the darkened theater.

Strange Days Indeed

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