The Lady On The Roof
By: Posey Gilbert

You know it's often said that "Seeing is believing."
It is my experience however that seeing ends belief.
Replacing it with something far more potent ..... Knowledge.
Things that happen in a darkened bed room at night can easily be put to rest or dismissed as dreams or an illusion brought about by the play of light and shadows and a young boy's imagination.
But what when you meet the creatures of your nightmares in the glaring light of a noon day sun?

It was a bright and clear late May early June day.
My two older siblings were at school and Ralph and I as usual were
running about at play as any children of the ages of six myself, Ralph five would be doing.
Every shade in the apartment was raised in child's fashion to the top off the windows allowing the golden yellow light of the sun to come pouring in through every window.
Ralph and I loved this for at these times we could see the dance of dust in the eddies of air about us then we would blow into it to see how far our breaths traveled before it no longer affected the airborne particles.
The noon siren sounded while simultaneously the theme music for "Search For Tomorrow " or "The Guiding Light" started playing over the television signaling the arrival of lunch time and then the all too hated nap time.
We were called and told to wash our hands and come to the kitchen to eat our lunch then go to bed.
As always I was the first to finish and was told by my mother who was washing our dishes to go and sleep in Theresa's room because she was not going to have to keep telling me and Ralph to shut up and go to sleep today as she had to do the day before.
Actually she had, had to put the belt to us before we did stop horsing around and went to sleep something she hated doing.
She told me to go and sleep in Theresa's room.
I said "OK" and turned and started back to my sisters' room.
I walked through the little area between the kitchen and the living room where the refrigerator and metal broom closet stood across from the bathroom door.
Entering the living room and crossing the floor I glanced out off each of the two windows as I passed them toward P.S. 42 where Chuck and Theresa were now.
I thought to myself that I would be glad when I was like them and did not have to take a stupid nap every day.
I stepped into the crooked hallway and walked the short distance to the doorway of my sisters bedroom and entered it.
I was immediately startled to see what appeared to be three jet black silhouettes sitting on her bed two at the head one at the foot.
As I stood there wide eyed mouth opened they jumped to their feet as if they were shocked that I could see them.
At that second they began to race about the room at a fantastic speed so fast it was as if someone was lashing a switch back and forth in the air and I could hear like a cloth flapping sound along with it.
They converged on the window, through which I could see the factory roof and beyond that Public School 42 bathed in the golden light of the mid day sun, and suddenly with a sound I could only describe as, "SHOOPMPHF!" the window became a black rectangle through which they fled.
For what seemed to be an endless second I stood there holding onto the side of the bed terrified that if I let go I would be sucked into this huge hole behind them for the air in the room was being pulled into it much like the air of the vacuum tubes used in the old offices.
Then "SHOOPMPHF!" it was gone and again I could see the mattress factory roof, P.S. 42 and once more the golden sunlight came flooding through the window, I turned and left the room.
As always I did after having a bizarre encounter or strange experience I went to tell my mother about it..
All in one breath I asked her,
"Mother, how come when I went into Theresa's room there were these little black shadows in the room, that jumped up and ran around real fast and went out the window, that disappeared and turned all black, and I thought I was going to fall out of it, but then it turned back into a window again? "
My mother was use to me coming to her with such questions and calmly said
"That's nice don't tell your father he'll think you're crazy, just go sleep in your room."
I did as told and went to my bed room and got into bed.
I was laying there looking out the window of my bedroom, which faced to the South east, when suddenly I saw the creature that both my brother Ralph and I called "The Walking Stick" or the "Praying Mantis" walk out onto the roof top of the building across from ours.
I could see her standing there out in the bright light of the noon sun.
I was shocked and thought to myself, "Don't she know they will kill her if they see her?"
At that instant she swiveled her head toward me and said/thought in to my head,
"I will simply make them not look at me."
Then it became as if someone was turning down the volume of the world.
The sounds of the cars racing by on Claremont Parkway and those coming from the soap opera on the TV in the living room all began to lower to a muffled muddelization in the background.
I then began to become aware of a presence in the room, and sat up and looked about.
First I saw nothing but then a black hand with four claw like fingers slowly started rising up from under my bed.
It was the same as the little silhouette things I'd seen earlier in my sisters' room a few moments before.
Its fingers were long and pointed at the tips.
Though there were only four fingers they were arranged like a hand one of the long digits sat center middle lower palm giving it the look of a hand.
I kept telling myself I should jump off the bed and run out of the room, but was afraid that it would grab my legs if I tried to do so I rolled back to the wall.
The hand/claw bent at a non-wrist and touched and felt up and down the bed.
It then slowly raised and pulled back under the bed which suddenly shook and then glided away from the wall.
I rolled frightened to the middle of the bed as and again watched in horror as the hand thing slowly raise this time from the other side of the bed to feel up and down the side of it to again slip silently down under the bed, which then shook again and moved back to the wall and sat down on the floor.
It was at this point I did something that still to this day confuses me.
I crossed my hands over my chest left over right and calmly laid down.
The next thing I knew I was out on the roof outside my window.
There was what looked to be a huge bead of quick silver with a pie slice like opening in it.
At this opening there was a tall man I call him white only because that is what I call people off his complexion but I know he was not a Caucasian for the craft evidence that he was not from here.
I can only describe him as being a beautiful man not that he looked like a woman nor that he was effeminate.
His eyes were a very light blue almost gray.
His hair what I could see of it seemed very light almost platinum blonde.
He was very muscular but his muscles were different from ours they looked longer and more graceful than those of a human.
They were not bulging though well developed and defined.
He was very tall, well over six feet but not gawky looking like basketball players, and he wore a one piece uniform that in those days I would have said was like a skin divers suit or leotards then but now I'd say it was like a dull silver Spandex.
He had on a bucket helmet that looked like those worn by the solders of ancient Egypt but it too was made of this material.
There was something that back then I would call a straw that came out of the ear of this helmet and went around to the front of his face and stopped just before his mouth.
Today these things are quite common they are the light weight head sets we see worn by phone operators and performers.
He never did more than smile at me and watch the sky.
In front of me was a woman and behind her was another man both of them like the other man were beautiful.
If not for the silver craft on the roof I would have thought them all to be angels.
The man behind the woman wore the same outfit and had the same body structure as the other man like him they were very tall too.
They all had to be nearly seven feet tall but again they were not gaunt.
His eyes were a deep sky blue and his hair a deep yellow almost golden.
He too like the other man only smiled and never spoke.
The woman too was of the same muscular physique and stature.
She was not at all built like the muscle women we see these days but was just as solid as the men.
She however wore no helmet but did ware the same booted uniform.
Her hair was a reddish color that I have never seen again, not even in the sixties, seventies, eighties,nineties or these days when strange hair dyes and colorings are the norm.
It was not only the color of her hair that was different from our women but the amount of it.
She had too much of it, is the only way I can describe it.
Not only was it very full bodied, dense, and thick but it was very long.
She was the first woman I have ever seen with hair below her waist, actually it was down to behind her calves.
I had the feeling if I touched it, it would not be soft but I never did.
Her eyes were a deep emerald green.
I've only started seeing eyes like theirs when we started to make colored contacts.
I earlier said they were tall but maybe it would be best for me to say they were not tall but big for their proportioning was like an average persons but they were just bigger than our people.

She was the only one that spoke.
I don't remember much of what she said for I was not really interested in what she was saying.
My thoughts were more on the fact that they had such bland and corny outfits, after all I was only six years old at the time, and being so, was used to seeing the ray guns, pointed shoulders, lightening bolts and Mercury winged boots and helmets of people from outer space that I saw in the movies of those days.
These guys had none of the flash and glitter of those Hollywood space people.
They didn't even have the glass bubbles on their heads, only those stupid looking cloth hats the men were wearing.
"Shoot if they can build a flying saucer, why can't they make a neat outfit?" I was thinking.
That was when The Lady as I call her did something that caught my attention.

Above is a very poor rendering I made with my Adobe Photoshop of the object.
It is not the real item.
It was a dull steel grey and discoidal.
The real item was smoothly intricately made.
To look at it you would think it was only three rings, one ring in bulls eye arrangement with in the other.
You could not be able to tell the rings were movable by looking at it.
Each of the rings were actually three levels of rings with spaces in each ring that allowed you to move the lower rings, thus making it actually nine sets of rings altogether.
I will post at a later time more on the object and the meanings hidden with in its design.

Above is a very poor rendering I made with my Adobe Photoshop of the object.
It is not the real item.
It was a dull steel grey and discoidal.
The real item was smoothly intricately made.
To look at it you would think it was only three rings, one ring in bulls eye arrangement with in the other.
You would not be able to tell the rings were movable by looking at it.
Each of the rings were actually three levels of rings with spaces in each ring that allowed you to move the lower rings, thus making it actually nine sets of rings altogether.
At a later time I will talk more about the object and the meanings hidden with in its design.

She very gracefully flipped the disk in her hand and motioned for me to take it.
That was when I noticed the other thing that marked them also a little different from us was their hands.
Their fingers seem to be much longer than ours but this could be an illusion.
We have more palm area and where our webbing begins above the knuckle theirs seem much lower toward the palm than ours, or it could be the bones of their fingers were just longer than ours.
I literally jumped for joy and took it and asked her, "Can I keep this?"
"Yes you can keep it, "She said ,"It is for you."
The next thing I knew it was night and my mother is screaming at me from the doorway to my bedroom.
"Butch, will, you get up?"
"First no one can get you to go to sleep now no one can get you up, come on and wash your hands dinner is ready," she said.
I scrambled around on the bed looking for my gift, but soon realized it was not there.
"It's gone!" I shouted angrily.
"What's gone?" my mother asked confused at my actions.
"She lied, she lied, she took it she said I could have it, and she took it back!"
"She who?"
"The Lady on the roof, she gave me the universal number and said I could have it then they took it back!"
"Butch, that was a dream there was no Lady in this room or on the roof.
What did I tell you if you wake up in bed it's a dream.
Now stop that nonsense and get up and come to dinner.
If you keep talking like that people are going to think you're crazy.
They'll lock you up and throw away the key.
You know you're father thinks your crazy as it is.
So don't you mention this ever again OK?
"Now come eat your dinner."
That was the last time I ever saw The Lady, but not the last time I was ever to hear from her again.
At that point she was relegated to the realm of dreams as well as, her crew, their neat ship, their corny outfits, and The Universal Number.
From that moment on they all were only spoken off as a dream that I had, a dream that I knew was not a dream but my fear of being locked away was more than enough to keep me from talking to anyone but Ralph about her as being a real person from outer space.
Years later I was to discover she had given me The Universal number, and was to read in Communion that a woman in the Bronx reported seeing a Praying Mantis Entity atop a roof.
When I later met Whitley Strieber I asked about the woman who reported seeing this Entity he said he got so many letters he could not be sure as to the exact area but did remember that she saw the entity during the day.
When I met Travis Walton I described the Lady and the men on the roof, their uniforms, their ship, their physiques, and strange hands to him.
In his calm demeanor he simply said,
" That's them, that's a perfect description of what they looked like."

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Today 3/21/01 I recieved a advertisement from Jaguar Automobiles.
In it was a commercial produced by Spike Lee at the end of the commercial was shone Spikes Lees company emblem for 40 Acres And A Mule Filmworks.
as shone below.



Of course my heart jumped to my throat when I saw it for at first glance for it is very similar to the Universal Number.
In fact as I was trying to remember what it looked like when trying to describe it to others as I was growing up I did draw this exact symbol.
This however was not what really set the bells off so to say inside of me.
What did that was as I was surfing trying to find an email address for Spike Lee or his film company I came across a site that had some of his personal back ground listed.
What immediately jumped out at me was that he was born the same year that I recieved the Universal Number from the Lady on the roof.
I am not saying that Spike Lee is and Abductee or and Experiencer.
That I do not know, but I do think this is interesting to say the least that he was born the same year I recieved the disc and then years later would chose a symbol so similar to the Universal Number as an emblem for his company.
What do you think?

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