From the other side of a dream.


Once I had a dream which I know was a dream for I was aware I was dreaming when I had it.
there was nothing exceptional about this dream at first I was at some kind of party or crowded area, people were all about and there was soft music playing in the back ground and it was kind of dark but not threateningly so as darkness can be in a nightmare.
I remember there being colored lights in the back ground and the place we were all in was quite large so it could have been a dance hall or a bar.
Not only do I not frequent bars for I am not a drinker, but I do not like to be in crowds and so I avoid parties, and that is one of the first points that made this dream stand out in my mind.
I had a drink in my hand it was some kind of a fruity citrus drink with a cherry in it and I was noticing the red liquid on top was not mixing with the orange yellow liquid on the bottom which made me realize I was carrying a drink which made me aware I was in a bar or a dance hall, and what was I doing in a place like this?
It was then I said to myself,
" Oh this is one of those dreams..... Cool.
Let me get out of here and see what else I can do."
No use wasting a F.A.D ( Full Awareness Dream ) in a stupid bar when I could be out doing all kinds of wonderful things that I knew I could do in a dream.
So I started walking around looking for a door to get out of the place through.
True I was aware I could fly because it was a dream but when I flew around people in dreams they always jumped up to grab my legs to try to hold me, or pull me back down, or scream that was impossible and I was crazy for doing it then chase after me to lock me up in a Nut house for doing the impossible, and yes I am aware of the metaphor behind all that I wrote above.
The bottom line is I did not want this dream to be come just another nightmare.
So I began to go from room to room looking for an exit but kept ending up in the bar room.
frustrated I sat at the bar and sipped at the tasty beverage I had been carrying all along and then suddenly this man, small in stature, but normal looking walked over and sat next to me.
I became annoyed, for I remembers seeing him as I was walking about try to look for a way out.
I thought he was following me, for his was the only repeating face in the crowds I was making my way through, and now I was sure.
He smiled very friendly and nodded toward me in the typical male greeting fashion, I did like wise, but averted my attention to the crowds about me.
" You are like me. " he suddenly said, " We are different than they are."
"Excuse me? " I said looking back to him.
" I saw you looking for a way out, you are like me, we are not like them." he said
"You are not of the dream your are from outside of the dream."
" I am not of this dream either, " he said " I am from the other side of the dream."
"I like you, have been looking for away out of here but I can't find the door either." he said and sipped at his drink which I then noticed was the same as mine.
" I saw you come in I thought you knew the way out so I be gain to watch and follow you. " he said.
I began to feel very, uneasy.
" I've came here along time ago, I have been here so long so long, since I came in."
"When I saw you come in I thought they sent you for me, but as I watched you I saw you were from the outside of the dream."
He stopped to sip again at his drink.
"They must have given up on me by now."
Now I was becoming terrified as I realized what this little man was saying.
He was like me dreaming but he was not from my reality but another on the other side of the realm of dreams, I had never thought of that, that dreams are sandwiched between two realities, I started to get up and leave.
"We are alike we are not of this dream, but we are not alike for you are outside of the dream." he said and he grabbed my hand," You are an Outsider, a Strand Walker, your kind can come and go to the out side of the dream, you do it all the time, you do it naturally, I was sent into this place from the other side of the dream, something must have happened, they have left me here, they have sent no more to take my place.... I have been here so long... so long.... too long..."
" Oh, Oh Posey I said to my self time for you to go this is getting scary."
I began to pull my hand from his grip but he grasped it tighter and it hurt it, actually hurt!
It was as if he read my thoughts.
" Wait, don't go stay with me for a while longer, or please at least take me with you.
They don't talk they don't listen they only do what they are doing as you see they are know for they are only dream, only dream."
I pushed him away from me and began to rise up.
He grabbed my right leg and be gain screaming and crying not in anger but in desperation, and a painful loneliness.
" No don't go don't leave me I will not let you leave if you stay maybe I can go maybe I can leave instead of you."
" Oh hell no!" I said and began to kick at him with my left leg for he was hurting my ankle with his grasp like he had hurt my hand.
I began to cuss him, and kick harder at him for he was being lifted as I rose and now my whole leg felt as if it was being ripped out of its socket by his weight.
I awoke myself screaming in pain and terror and was shocked to see that what looked to be a torso with arms was sitting on my bed pulling at my leg.
There was no head or legs to it but there was no blood or gore either just a naked torso holding onto and pulling my right leg.
I screamed and continued to kick at it until it let go and fell backwards behind the bed.
I jumped up and looked at the corner it had fallen into knowing that it could not have fallen behind the bed for my bed was pushed to the wall.
I grabbed my clothes and dressed and went out back to sit and wait for the dawn for I would not go back into that room or to sleep before the sun was up.
Dream, semi dream state yes I could agree with all of that except for the pain in both my wrist and right leg that I had to endure for the days that followed this experience, yes it would be more juicier to say I had bruises and scratches about my ankle but I did not, only the pain, and a relentless sadness for the poor guy from the other side of the dream.

Within The Cracks Of The Paranormal