I do not know if this should even be placed here as for the fact that it is a dream but events about it make me very uncomfortable but it is a true event nonetheless and thus I place it here submitted for your approval as they use to say on the Twilight Zone.


The Return Of The Other

Now I move onto the events of September 19th 1999.
I went to bed earlier the night before about 6:00pm and awoke at 10:00 PM.
I complain to my nephew earlier on about the TDs I was having saying how hard it was getting for me to break out of them as he was preparing to leave.
It was only said as a statement then I thought and I spoke no more of it.
As usual I was up all night once he left clicking channels on the tv occasionally signing online to check my email for anything interesting coming in from the many news groups I belong to.
Seeing nothing of interest I called my friend Carolyn and went down to the East Village to meet with her and another friend for dinner I came in at sunrise because of the madness of the Mass Transit.
After walking my dogs and checking my email I went to bed at about 10:30 AM Sunday morning.
You would think the aggravation of a three hour subway ride that should have been only forty five minutes would have been enough to make me crash and go out like a light and sleep undisturbed.
Speaking of light by the way, because the sun was shining in my bed room I turned off the bedroom light thinking that the night light that came on when I did would be enough during the day, big mistake.
I ended up in the grip of SGDs.
They were not really horrific dreams but an annoying series of I can't find my subway dreams, and one where my dogs Shade and Jeht were lost in the tunnels and I was trying to find them before they or I was killed by a subway, another was where I had lost my shoe in the subway tunnels and was worried about my ulcerated diabetic foot getting infected by the filth in the stations, silly but understandable stuff like that considering the events of the night before.
I shifted in my sleep and my foot must have pulled up under the covers for suddenly I found my shoes and was thinking,
"Well that wasn't so bad." as I sat on the floor putting it back on.
Then suddenly, I was grabbed from behind about my shoulders by something that felt like pincers, and a voice deep and angry said,
"So at last We have found you Strand Walker."
It was the use of that term that alerted me as to what "We" were, and I was terrified.
It was what the man from the other side of the dream had called me when I met him over five years ago.
It was not his voice but a powerful male one that I heard it was not threatening but angry.
Though it was one voice I was hearing, I knew it was many speaking even before it called it self We.
I broke free it's grip and knowing this was now a FAD began to fly in flight of my pursuers.
"Did you think We would not find you?" the voice screamed from behind me.
"Did you think you could terminate our experiment and get away Scott free?
We have searched the dream realms to find you and now do not think you will get away from us that easily!
You know not how long "We" searched for one of our realm that we could enter into that level of the barrier that you Strand Walkers call the realm of the dreams.
Many "We" were lost there before we found the Chosen.
The Chosen was waited there for one like you to come "We" did not forget or abandon the Chosen.
We waited him there.
The Chosen was the only "We" that could enter that level, so "We" knew the Chosen could open the way to the Outside of the dream.
Though "We" can see the dream realm, and the Outside of the dream, your home realm, we can not enter either realm like you Outsiders and Strand Walkers do.
You do it with out effort even when you are in your waking state, even as you work, or are talking to one another you slip in and out of the dream reality with out even knowing what you are doing is a miracle onto itself.
Then "We" found the Chosen, but we found that only the Chosen could enter that barrier realm.
None of the other "We" were of the right vibration.
Only the Chosen had a vibration that "We" could modify that would enable "We" to enter the Chosen into the barrier level.
Of all your kind that came and went there, you were the only that saw and spoke to the Chosen.
Just as your awareness formed that realm, it too gave the Chosen form, for with your awareness you separated the Chosen from the eternal randomness.
Outsiders have done this many times before, but then the Chosen was only dream, only dream, but only a Strand Walker could have made the Chosen so complete so tangible.
Many "We" still languish in the barrier and many of the Chosen await in the randomness for another to do as you did.
You could have bought the Chosen through and made a portal for "We" to your side!
You are the only Strand Walker that has done such so far, and you too are the only Strand Walker to have ever killed "We"
You did so when you closed the portal before the Chosen could fully cross to the outside.
I suddenly was looking down as if through a hole in the ceiling at the dismembered body of the man from the other side of the dream.
The people of the bar or dance hall were just walking around talking and dancing as they were when I was there five years ago as if nothing had changed.
"You will do for "We" now what you almost did for the Chosen!" the voice demanded, " "We" will know the Outside of the dream as "We" now know the Other side of the dream!"
I realize then that, that which was calling it/themselves "We" were different from what they were calling the Chosen as if it was some other species or beings that they had found on the Other side of the dream that was almost able to cross over but not quite, and the poor soul I had met had not volunteered for his fate but had been force by these beings called "We" into that place.
Ahead of me I saw the light of a stairwell leading to the above ground and knew if I got out side I would be safe.
I rose out of the stairwell of what proved to be the Broadway Lafayette station in down town Manhattan and turned and yelled back into the dark stairwell,
"If you know what I am, then you know what I can do here, leave me alone!"
I clinched my fist and bought them down to my side with a jerk and the building above the exit collapsed on top of it.
Yes I was fully aware this was a dream and fully aware what I could do in it as well, but the problem with awareness in dreams once you become aware you wake up and I did not want to wake up now I knew what one can do in dreams if they are aware they are dreaming.
I kept repeating to myself I will not wake up this time I will hold the dream.
I wanted to see my dogs Shadow, Lady, Teeka, Luna, and Cyn.
I wanted to see Ralph and talk with him.
I wanted to see some long lost friends and talk, walk, and laugh with them, and maybe if they were dreaming I could awaken them into the dream too so that we could really talk.
To do this I knew I had to keep dreaming, but not go to sleep in it and become part of the dream.
The dream however fought back for its own control and bought to me many distractions of things I knew I could or did not have in real life, old lovers, long lost friends, sweets, and wealth.
I was able to resist all of that and retain my focus, but then suddenly I was in one of my most favorite places, the living room of Ralphs' apartment in Jersey City sitting on what I called his magic couch.
My back to the window the light of the setting sun was pouring through the large windows behind me.
Ralph was sitting in his favorite chair the golden sunlight was upon him.
We were talking and laughing as we used to do when I visited him in that temple of peace which was his apartment.
Suddenly Luna came out of his bedroom and over to me as I started to reach down to pet her, something reached through the window behind me and I felt the pincers on my shoulders again and the voice said,
"Don't you want to see what we look like just turn and look at "We" that's all, just look at "We"."
I slipped down on the couch grasping the shade in the window and pulled it down for I truly was tempted to see what they looked like but every part in my soul said not to look at them.
It is not that I felt that they were evil, or demonic it is just that I did not know what they were, what they wanted, or why they wanted to come through to our side of the dream but I was not going to let them, at least not through me.
I would not be their portal.
I said,
"Hell no I am not looking at you now or ever I am waking up!"
I woke up in my darkened bedroom and reached for the light it whipped back from my hand!
I said,
"Oh hell no this is just another dream you can't fool me!"
And woke up again and reached for the light but my fingers hit the lamp shade and it toppled backwards and fell over and I said,
"This is still a dream for my lamp is before my book shelf it can't fall backwards you can not fool me"
I heard someone screaming and focused on it and awoke it was my on cries for help I had heard, I reached for the light and the voiced bellowed at me,
"That damned light will not help you now!"
I clicked the switch and it blew out in a violent blue white flash.
I sat up on the bed and turned up the Tvs sound as loud as it could go.
I looked at the time I had been asleep three hours.
"That's it for me!" I said as I called to my two dogs Jeht and Shade saying,
"Come on lets go out side."
I reached for and started to put on my pants I cried out in pain for I was soar as if I had been beaten with a rolling pin or a base ball bat wrapped in a towel for I had no marks or bruises but from head to toe I was aching.
As of today Sunday September 26 1999 most of the aching is gone now except for the inner thigh area of my left leg.
The same leg I used five years ago to kick that torso back into another realm.
I can not lift it with out severe pain it still feels as if my left leg has been wrenched from its socket twisted, and snapped back in.
Again as above I don't know what it was that happened, but I do know it did happen as I said it had.
I am open for suggestions, still then again it was only a dream wasn't it?.
What do you think?

Within The Cracks Of The Paranormal