The UFO In The Clouds

This UFO is below the clouds as you can see.
It first appeared after a huge smoke like entity began to appear in the yard across from me one night after I had taped the passing of a small UFO in the distance.
The tree in the picture was one I was going to cut down for it often blocked my view of the passage of UFOs.
As I was taping a UFO its path carried it behind this tree.
I grew angered and I said that I was going to cut the tree down for it was constantly blocking my view of these objects that
I was taping almost every night back then (1990-91.)
A bit farther across and down, but often hidden by the leaves of the tree, there was a portal area in the sky that these things would go into and arise out of.
I thought I was going to get a picture of this thing going into that portal but the branches of the tree was giving me trouble as I tried to keep the object in sight.
As I said this, the object I was taping suddenly seem to just
break into three pieces so I thought it meant not to cut the tree down so I didn't.
Good thing I didn't if not for that tree I would have not been able to tape most of the UFOs I did.
Or be able to prove they were really moving, or even find them in the sky.
This I say is a great example of how these things do at times communicate to those that observe them, but often this goes unnoticed in the excitement and the awe of the moment.
If there are any others that have witnessed such things please get in contact with me.
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