UFOs, Alien Abductions And The Oklahoma Bombing........


This is about a disturbing pattern that I see developing with in the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena and how it may have been connected to one of the worst crimes in recent American History that being The Oklahoma bombing, so please just finish the article.

I am not writing this to get you to believe in the UFO phenomena but just because I think that there were more involved in that horrible act than just the two men that were caught.
Here I will tell the true story of something that happened in a group I once belonged to called The S.P.A.C.E. Group, which stood, at that time at least it did, for something like,

The Support Project for Abductees Contactees Encounters Group.

It was a spin off of what was once Whitley Striebers' Communion Group.

It was then a group for those suffering the trauma of alien abduction, and those seeking a new way of viewing the UFO phenomena.

So I feel it is appropriate for discussion here.............
S.P.A.C.E. would meet once a month at different members homes to discuss the on going UFO and Alien Encounters phenomena that was going on in some of the members lives, and about the world.

These meetings were suppose to be closed and attended by invite only for the obvious protection of the members and the hosting homes.

All those wishing to attend these meetings were first supposed to be screened by Harold Eglen, the founder of the group before they were to be allowed to attend the meetings.

One day after the founder of S.P.A.C.E. spoke at a UFO Symposium a man showed up at one of our meetings he said his name was Bob Browne.
As we did at all meetings, each person introduced themselves, and told a little bit about what had happened over the month since we had our last "Gathering" as our meetings were called.

When it came to Bobs' turn to speak he began to rant about the U.S. government and the New World Order and how it was trying to take away our right as citizens and was over taxing us and etc., etc., etc., and how we had to do something about it.
Finally he had to be told to sit down, but politely so, and allow others to talk.

When the gathering was over some of the members did as we always did, after the meeting,we found a place to eat where we sat had dinner together and talked about the meeting and were able to get deeper into discussions about our encounters.
Suddenly Bob showed up and sat at the table.

He smelled of alcohol and was a bit tipsy but not drunk.

Because it just worked out that I normally had the most encounters of the group and my experiences seemed to touch on, and at times were verified by others, or verified encounters of others, most of the time people were talking to me in the group, I guess Bob mistook me for being the main one to talk to and so sat down beside me.
I did not mind, for I will listen to anyone who wishes to speak to me, and tell them anything they wish to know about me.

For my experiences have taught me that to get answers sometime you have to let those even with things you do not agree speak freely, just as you must freely speak that you may give them the answers they seek.

Or maybe it was just that, no one else at the table would listen or talk to him.

Once the women of the group, who were the only smokers at the table stepped out side to smoke Bob suddenly said,

"Good now that those women are gone we can talk like men."
He first said he belonged to a group called "the Patriots" and then began to tell me about how this whole abduction phenomena was a government plot to take away our right to carry guns, and that anyone who said they were abducted were working for the government and should be shot.
He then started to tell me what kind of gun I should get and what kind of bullets that would do the most damage, so even if I didn't kill those Sons Of Bitches I could at least cripple them.

I smiled and while hoping he did not hear the sudden thundering of my heart in my chest over the noise of the diner, while I was inwardly praying he did not have one of these guns on him and was getting ready to blow me and my friends away.
When the women came back inside, he asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink with him, and I said that I did not drink, which I don't.

I then told him of my practice of always making sure the women got safely put into cabs, then taking the number of the cabs, just incase they had trouble with the driver, and then I was going to take my friend Carolyn back home.

By this time the women returned to the table, and Bob just began to talk more of the misdoings of our government, and how we needed to start a new one.

At this point one of the younger members of the group, a youth of about fourteen or fifteen, heard what he was saying, and showed an interest, as any rebellious youth would, and Bob then focused on him.

My friend Carolyn, now growing tired of the political nature the conversation had taken, said she had to go, and the other members also tired of Bobs sometimes bigoted remarks, said they too had to go.

Who says prayers are not answered?
To my relief, Bob said he was late for a meeting, and that he had to go also and left before we all were ready.

In as much as us being a group, we had to wait for the ladies, and the men, to go and relieve themselves in preparation for our journeys home.

Once he had gone, everyone asked, who had invited him to the dinner?

We then realized he'd left the gathering early, and therefore had to have followed one of the women to find us for he came in soon after she did.

I wanted to warn the youth not to get involved with Bob or his group, but just because I did not know if Bob was C.I.A., F.B.I., K.G.B., M.I.C., K.E.Y., M.O.U.S.E., or who he had really said he was, he might have bugged the area or some of the people about us were working with him.

Thinking this being a possibility, I said nothing to the young man deciding I would tell him later.
I, being protective of the group, thought that any one of the other people about us, could be working with him and that we could be, being set up to be called a domestic terrorist group, so that we all could be locked up, or could be snuffed for knowing too much so I said nothing and acted as normal as I could.
I would not speak of what he had said, for it is also in my experience that the government is involved up to its eye balls in the UFO phenomena and does keep watch on those dealing with it.

Once everyone was safely on their way home and Carolyn and myself where alone, I told her of what Bob had said at the table when she had left, and that she should call Harold, and have Bob disinvited from the meetings which she did.

The next meeting was the last Saturday or Sunday in the month of March 1998 and was held in a rented room at the TRS building in Mid Manhattan for it was the anniversary of S.P.A.C.E.

I was then able to speak to the youth, and tell him to stay away from Bob, and told him what Bob had said to me.
I said I did not know if Bob was there to destroy the group, or was there recruiting people for the Patriots, but he should not bother with him again.

To my dismay he told me he had given Bob his telephone number, and they had spoke and Bob was going to be bringing him some papers about the group.

I said Bob was a drunkard who was talking about killing abductees because we were part of the plans of the New World Order to take away the right to bear arms.

He then said, he did not think Bob was drunk when he saw him at the dinner, and I said

"You did not sit next to him." and went on to say that he should watch him if he comes today.
Because this was more of a celebration of the groups birthday than a gathering, so to say, there was a large cooler like carton of wine set out on the refreshments table.

So far very few had really drank any alcohol for most of us were not drinkers and those that drank took only one cup.

My young friend then told me that he was suppose to go with Bob after the gathering to meet some of the people of this group.

My heart sank because I knew it was no way I was going to let him do this alone and, would have then faked an interest in joining this group, for no other reason to go there to keep an eye on this youth, and hopefully prevent him from joining.

My last hope was that Harold had contacted Bob and told him not to come to the gatherings anymore.

That hope was dashed a few minutes later for Bob entered carrying a canvas bag full of fliers just as the gathering began.
Bob perched on the table and before the meeting was over, emptied the cooler.

Then went into a long rambling speech of the New World Order and how money had been tagged so no matter where you went you could be pin pointed by satellites.

He was obnoxious and basically did what I could not do, made the youth lose interest in going to meet the Patriots.
Eventually he was again told to let others talk and stepped outside.

I thought he had left and because I had to show my tapes and give a small lecture.

I being part of the entertainment of the group I no longer thought about him.

Once the gathering was over I stepped outside and saw that Bob had left his bag of fliers but paid it no mind as to the fact that no one was interested in them.

Later as the group met to go get dinner I found out that Bob had remained and talked to another youth of the group and had been over heard telling him too of the guns and the ammo to get that would do the most damage.
This youth who because of his life experiences was a very troubled young man, at the beginning of the gathering had said, he sometime felt like a child, but now after talking to Bob, he was walking about saying, that he was now "The Child Of Change, the one that would make a difference."

I was told by the two gentlemen who had over heard this conversation that Bob had suddenly announced because the gathering had run so long he had to go for he still had the other meeting to go to, then he said something that puzzled the two men.

He said that he would have to go under ground, so they would not see him for a while, for something very big was going to happen soon, and added,

"I could tell you what it was about but I'd then have to kill you."

This was taken as a joke but two weeks or so later came the Oklahoma Bombing.
The next gathering Bob showed up to he was told he was no longer welcome and left, but that same meeting the troubled youth walked up to me and said he was the child of change and there on a suicide mission.

I spent the next three to four hours trying to convince him that no cause was worth giving his life, or taking the life of others for.

I later called Harold myself and told him of what I had been told by the youth Harold said he would get the boy help.

I later called the New York Branch of the F.B.I and told them of Bob and what he had said about something big was going to happen, they laughed until I mentioned the S.P.A.C.E group and then I was told to hold on the line, which then began to sound funny, which is the only way I can put it.

I was asked to repeat what I said and they said they would look into it but I never heard from them again.
My feelings is that Bob Browne, if that was his real name, was there trying to find a stooge to plant that bomb or another one, for the group he called "The Patriots."

His interest was focused on me, and on the two youths, I feel, for we were of minority groups.

That way, the bombing would have then been thought of as being the result of a racial group or of a mentally unstable youth, or a group of UFO fanatics.

I feel this simply because Bob kept focusing on that the Blacks and the Hispanic, and Latinos should be very interested in starting a new government while not realizing some of the terms he was using, and ideas he was expressing, like how the Jews were running everything in the world, were very offensive to us.

I still can not shake the thought that maybe there was suppose to be more than one bombing but after the public outrage and anger at the slaughter of innocence that occurred in Oklahoma this plan was derailed.

It is also my belief if Bob was allowed to enter that room that night this "Child Of Change"

Would have carried out his suicide mission.

I hope that this is some how of a use to those that can use it and you can get all those that were behind that mass murder.


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