Understanding The Alien Or The Stratification Of The Universe By Linear Conceptualizationizing


In our minds, we are Linear Beings (LBs) or Linear Aligned Entities
(LAEs) in a Quantum Universe (QP) so the problem with real alien
abduction scenarios comes when we look at them through our limited
We are much like the one dimensional Flat Entities encountering third
dimensional Entities.
When LAEs encounter Quantum Entities (QEs) Paranormal or Quantum
Phenomena (QP) they are often at a loss to understand the things they
have experienced.
To better understand our Linear Conceptualizationizing (LC) I ask that
you first imagine a circle, then draw a circle.
Now look to the circle drawn, on that circle you can see its beginning,
its middle, and it's end and all points in between those two points are
the history of the drawn circle.
That is how LAEs see the Universe.
A Universe of cause and effect, punishment and reward, Yin and Yang, Us
and Them.
So they believe in pass lives, reincarnation, free will, prophecies, and
that they create the universe as they go along, thus they are co
creators with God (The Alphomegan) or the creative force (Alphomega) in
the universe.
Thus they also believe that all that they encounter as they go through
their lives is part of Karma do to things that they did or did not do
during this life, or some past ones.
Because the flow of time too is viewed as separate and disjointed
sections past, present, and future, any day now you can expect that the
newest "Newage Sewage" you will hear pouring from the Spiritually
Enlightened trapped within Linear minds will be future karma, or reverse
That is to say that, your present life sucks, because your next life
will be great, and remember you heard it here first.
So you see LC is the basis of stratification of Linear thought and the
Linear Universe (LU).
Now think of the circle you imaged in your mind.
That circle has no beginning no end it was just there in fullness, and
complete with out a history at all.
Where was the shape before you imagined it?
It was always there, though not always seen it was not created by you or
your imagination.
It will remain there long after both you and your imagination are gone
for it exists independent of us.
Thus planets, stars, rain drops, and all waves all trace out circular
patterns too, and were doing so long before we knew what a circle was.
Actually though is it spheres that are being traced out, but our Linear
Blindness allows them to only be viewed as circles.
That is the Quantum Universe.
The drawn circle is tantamount to your physical form, your mind, and
your life time.
The imaged circle is tantamount to your soul, and your destiny.
Linears hate that word destiny for they prefer to think that they have
free will and choose the path they walk, either as they do it, or some
how before they enter this level of creation.
This is but an illusion of LC, for actually they can only take or choose
what is there all ready and the decision made by so called free will was
dictated by the circumstances that were formed from the so called
beginning of the Universe, if you accept the LAEs way of seeing.
In example let's say I think I want to stop writing this and go to
Lennys' Steak House across the street from me, and I "choose" to do so.
Well guess what choose though I may if Lennys' Steak House was never
built I could exercise my "free will or choice" till the cows came home,
but I could not go there now could I?
So my so called free will is predetermined, limited, and restricted and
being so I have no free will.
By the way there is no Lennys' Steak House across the street from me in
this level of the Universe, but on some level of the Quantum Universe
there is, but just not here.
My level of the Universe is not so ordered and so I am limited to
Crown's Chicken on the corner here.
Although for me even to go there, first a man from Afghanistan had to
have a son that moved to America, to have a son that opened the place,
and the Jamaican restaurant that was there had to fail and close when it
did for it to be offered to him, and the beauty shop that was there
before then had to fail and close when it did for the Jamaican
restaurant to get it when they did, and the Pharmacy that was there for
fifty years before then had to fail when it did, for the beauty shop to
get it when they did, and it goes all the way back to when an atomic
particle had to arrive at this place when it did to start the formation
of our galaxy and it had to have come from somewhere else to do that and
that had to fail, so that particle could do that, so again I ask what
free will?
Quantumantically thinking however all this like the circle was always
here, so that particle had no choice in being where it was in the
Quantum Universe for all the other places it could have been in the (QU)
were taken, and so that particle could not occupy the same space as did
the other particles and so it occupied the one space it could on this
level so that this level would be as it is.
The fact is, it, like the imagined circle, was always here though it did
not exist until the spark of awareness surged through it and fell back
in to the state of nonbeingness as the serge of awareness moved on.
The Quantumantic View (QV) of this is, that everything that is, is as it
is, for it could be no other way for, all the other ways it could have
been, are already taken.
Thus everything is as it should be, for things to be as they are at this
As things shift on one level so the ripple goes through them all as one
level shifts to fill the space left by the movement of the other level.
This shifting is caused by Spaceail Migration (Spelling intentional) as
the free Sparticals ( Particles of Space ) of one level of the Quantum
Universe shift in their vibratory rate enough that they begin to bleed
over into another level and anomalies are formed.
These anomalies can appear as distortions in time, space, and gravity.
As doorway portals, or vortexes to the next level, in other words they
literally form holes with in the thin walls of vibratory rates that
divide one level (dimension) from the next.
As these Sparticles enter the levels of the walls they cause harmonic or
anti harmonic vibrations as their spaces merge with or pass through the
Vibrational Borders or Barriers (VBs) of one level to the next resonance
of equal wavelengths.
Thus we have things falling and rising into and out of our universe from
all sides and levels naturally.
Then now we come upon the "Boogativity Aspects" (BAs) of all this now
let's say that there are Entities of the Quantum Universe that can
either naturally or artificially generate these Vibratory Shifts (VS)
and slide between the cracks of the VBs.
Any wonder how these Aliens as some call them can be seen coming through
walls, causing time shifts, appearing and vanishing with out a trace, or
their crafts and UFOs one moment being tangible hits on radar, and
intangible the next, though still being seen by pilots sent to pursue
them, or unseen by the pilots sent to pursue them while still being
tangible hits on radar?
Due to the fact that, some of these openings are spontaneous the events
can some times come and go never to return, however there are those
areas where there are fixed portals and they become known as sacred
sites, or haunted areas depending on the beliefs of those that encounter
I know that in the sky above my home there are areas that I have often
seen, and video taped UFOs exiting and entering and there is at least
one that changes its position along a line of a group of stars.
Some have said may be its a Lei Line or a line of The Dragon but I have
no way of knowing if that is true.
I only know what I have witnessed.
It is said by some that because often lights can be seen above fault
lines these are Earth Lights that we are seeing, that could be true too,
but could it also be that the very reason the Earth cracked there and
formed a fault line in the first place, was because of shifts and cracks
in the VBs of that area on another level of the Universe?
So the lights seen above these places are things that have come through
the chink in the wall?
Could it be the make up of some materials and or stones in other areas
can generate these openings, or tap into the energies coming through
them, and that is why only certain stones are used in places like Stone
Hedge, Easter Island, and the Pyramids.
Is this a lost art that once we or someone else once knew how to use to
access these portals?
Now as for the Alien behavior, well I know from personal encounters they
can communicate when they wish to telepathically.
When this is done with words it is fine we can some what understand what
they are saying, but do we really understand what they mean?
When Betty Hill was given a book she asked if she could keep it and was
told yes, but then they took it away from her.
Was the Doctor a liar or did he mean the full encounter was the book she
was being given?
The things that Betty Hill bought back after her experience were her memories
of their operations and their star map, both of which would come to be
used and known of years later.
That carried more weight than any book with alien writing ever could
have, the book would have been looked at and studied and pronounced to
be made of paper and ink just like those of Earth so how could it have
come from space?
So it would have to be an obvious hoax, but she could not hoax a star
system that was not known to any one on Earth at that time, nor medical procedures not yet discovered at that time.
So was his giving her the book a metaphor?
Was the book he was giving her the one called Interrupted Journey?
The one that would later be written because of her and Barneys'
When these beings speak to you telepathically, it is interpreted by our brains as a real event for that is the way it is experienced, as a whole and complete event.
When we speak we use words but the imagery is created in our minds as we still see the world we are use to about us.
When they speak to us it is to every level of us and we see it as they would if we were there.
This is what causes some of those horrible stories we hear told by some real Experiencers.
this is not saying that they do not probe and do medical procedures on us because they do, that is a fact.
But some of the things we see done or has been done to us was medical study in nature just as we do with any new form of life we may encounter here on Earth, or, if we ever make it out there may one day encounter out there in space.
Think of what a full medical physical that your doctor would give you today would look like to some one from the stone age, the middle ages, one hundred or even fifty years ago.
Now think about Betty Hills needle in the navel pregnancy test, how terrifying it was to us when we first heard about it back then but now it is common place.
I am sure Strieber's anal probe was both frightening and humiliating to him, but today look at how many men have been saved from prostate cancer because of it.
Today we grow skin in tubes and ears on the backs of mice, what would a person from the nineteen twenties have said about that?
The very same thing that were said about those that operated on corpses by those of the dark ages.
"Monstrous! Demonic! Heresy! Science gone mad! Something must be done to stop this!"
Yet if you or a loved one are the recipient of the skin as a burn victim or receive a new ear after an disfiguring accident how would you feel about it then?
What if some of these terrible frightening stories that we've heard from true Experiencers are just the result of telepathic downloadings of medical technics into the human mass consciousness, or psyche?
What if it was all just rapid transference of needed medical information that we will one day use to cure ourselves of ills and sickness?
See what I mean?
When dealing with the aliens, we have to look at what they do in another way than we would look at it if they were human beings doing the same thing.
I do not say it is right or wrong in feeling fear of them, for I still fear being "Takened", because I do not know what their agendas are.
What if these aren't the same guys that took me before?
The fact is, as that old expression goes, "They all look alike to me!"
I am sure there has been accidents for though they may be super technical, they are not by any means perfect or gods.
Think about this if you are a telepathic being not only will words go with what you are saying but so will sounds smells and visions.
To another telepathic being this will be understood totally, but to one who is Linear these all will be experienced in the same way we experience our world.
So such visions in a LAEs mind will be seen as a real event, and would be hard to separate from their reality.
It can take years for the Experiencer to understand any of it because so much goes along with in a thought, if they actively work at it, but the truth of it is most Experiencers would rather forget it, say it was a dream, or deny it happened altogether.
In telepathy, time is not fragmented but a continuous line, for the truly telepathic being's mind will know all things from the point of the beginning of their species for they all share one mind, thus one mind will not end with the death of one of its bodies.
Can you imagine the knowledge that would be stored in the mind of such a
race or better to say being, for there would truly be only one entity though many bodies.
Thus one body dieing in a crash on a ranch long ago would not matter to that mind if one survivor could return to its level with the experiences of the minds of those bodies that died.
To a Linearly Aligned Entity these being would seem heartless and with out emotion would they not?
Now imagine how one of these entities would feel knowing that because it was captured by these LAEs in a realm where it knew it would not be allowed to or could not access its fullness nor could return the Mind Experiences (MEs) of its comrades back to the pooled mind of its species.
Now which is the unfeeling monster?
Our bodies exercise the same indifference toward our cells as they die and are cast off by the body.
The same indifference is exercised by minds toward the body for in times of crisis and death it will abandon the body.
Our souls will also indifferently abandon our mind (which is made solely up of your experiences during your life time) as it moves on into other levels of the Universe.
For the soul is of the Quantum Universe, as the body is of the Linear Universe,
and the mind is a side effect of the interactions of the two universes.
In more scientific terms we could say the Body is the wire, the Soul is
the current, and the Mind (Awareness) is the magnetic field generated as
the current passes through the wire.
Thus our Universe is in constant motion only because our awareness is in constant motion
The moment the flow stops, Awareness ends and the two Univeres return to the state of non existence or of (Alphomega) pre and aft creation.
In more religious terms the Holy Trinity most present before creation can exist other wise there is only the state of absolute God Presence that was there before, and which will be there after the creation is no more or there will only be (The Alphomegan).
It is by the Soul that not only telepathy is generated but all form of what is called ESP, for the Soul is the power source through which awareness is created for it arises out of and returns to The Alphomegan/Alphomega and returns to it, thus it is the only omnipresent force in the Universe (creation) and outside of it.
Now here comes the sticky part, when you think that telepathy because it
is generated by the Soul, it runs not only from the past to the present
were it is called remote viewing by some, but because it is in all
levels it also runs from what we LAEs would call the future.
In other words all that is, will ever be and, will never be already
exist to the Quantum Entities like a prerecorded record.
Thus they can tell us about events to come with out having to have come
from the future, ours, or theirs, for in truth there is no present, no
future, no past, it is all an illusion sparked by awareness as the Soul
surges through a level of the Universe like that current through a wire
to put it Linearly, or the light of a star to put it Quantumantically.
Just as that circle appeared when you thought of it so does this that we
call reality.
Once you remove your awareness from it, it falls immediately back into the
realm of non existence.
As children I had a long and heated argument with my younger brother
Ralph for he said when he dies this universe will cease to exist.
"How stupid, naive, and conceited!" I berated him,
"How can you dare to think you're existence is so important to the
You are nothing at all to the universe and when you croak it will go on
with out you as it went on before you got here!"
When Ralph did die of AIDS some twenty years later, I realized he was
right, that the universe did change when his vibrational presence no
longer resonated within it.
So believe me I know that absent an awareness of anything, on any level
of the Universe it collapses and unexist.
"So then you see we do create the universe!" the LAEs now shouts in
No I must say Ralph had to die for this universe to be as it is now,
like a gentle oboe that has ended its part in a symphony, that goes
on into a new movement.
Still on another level it was me that died and Ralph that remained and
so though changing it all remains unchanged.
Like the sweeping movements of the reflections of a mirror that is faced
to another mirror, or the video feed back of images on a video screen
when its recording camera is faced toward its own screen.
Any change in the position of the mirror or camera on this level will
send waves sweeping infinitly through the other images as they
compensate to fill in the spaces vacated by the other images so it is
with the Quantum Universe.
Thus actions done or not done on any and all levels will effect the
For example for let's say you are walking down the street and a flower
pot falls before you, just missing you.
You jump back and think about what almost happened to you.
Well, that you, that you are thinking about is a real living entity on
another Quantum level, that really got hit by a falling flower pot on,
that level.
All things you imagine that could have happened to you had that pot hit
you, on some level of the Quantum Universe, did happen to the you in
that realm, but because it did happen to that you it did not happen to
Nor did it happen to the you that it fell behind, or to the left of, or
to the right of, or the infinity of endless other yous, that it did not
fall on for what ever reason.
Thus when you think you are exercising free will when you change your
mind, and do something else, it is because on another level one of those
yous is doing something that triggers you to do what you think you just
decided to do.
But that is only because still another of those yous, has done something
to cause that you, to do what it is doing, that makes or allows you, to
do what you are doing.
When you go to look in a mirror, do you go to look into the mirror
because you want to look at your reflection, or is it that your
reflection wanted to look at you?
There is the rub, could what we are doing here on our own world also be
sending waves through the Universal Grid and what is but a simple snap
of a twig by the time it reaches another level is a planet shattering
Could it be that more than our stupid asses are on the line in all those
countless universes dependent on our being here?
It is the bottom man on the totem pole that can do the most damage with
the slightest infractions, true?
Experiments have shone us that telepathy is real, and it seems that
plants, animals and insects all have it.
Everything seems to except us that seems to be the only thing that
separates from the natural world about us.
We stubble around our world blindly destroying this life form and that
ecosystem for we can not see the end results in our doings.
We can not here the cries of our mother world as we rape and plunder her
for we are "Quantimantically Challenged" and do not see the connections of
all things to all things.
If it was just us that we were taking out when we go that would be fine,
but what of the worlds built within and upon the cracks of our worlds
what Vibrational Damages will the destruction of our world send out into
the Universal Grid?
Any wonder that so many things are coming here from so many levels?
When dealing with alien encounters we constantly hear the Abductees
lamentation of,
"Why don't they tell us what they are doing?"
The fact is when they do, can we understand them?
When they don't, can we understand why?
If they would answer,
"We are doing it because we are suppose to.
"Would you Linearly understand that?
If they would answer,
"We are doing it to save a world that doesn't exist."
or better still,
"We are doing it to create a race that looks like Spiders that will
eventually replace Mankind on Earth!"
Would you Linearly understand that would you willingly let them?
Quantumantically the answer for all of the above responses is the same
if that is how the universe at this level is suppose to be to arrive at
the point were it is suppose to be in another level it does not matter
to you, for you won't be there now will you?
If you reincarnate into one of the bodies of those Spider Things they
create to replace mankind, it still won't matter to you then either
will it?
What if the reason that mankind had to be replaced was because it could
not live in the poisoned world it created at this level of the universe.
Are we too not here because other life forms had to become extinct for
what ever reasons?
As I see it Quantumantically if these things were not to come to pass,
then they would not for they could not.
Not that I love or hate these entities, or wish for the ending of
Mankind, nor do I know the reasons they do what they do, but I do know
that nothing happens out side the will of God (Destiny) so why waste
time worrying about it?
What is, what is to be, what was, and what is not to be, all have
already happened, for the book is already written, so all you really
have to do is enjoy the ride you won't get out of it alive anyway.
To put it another way what ever you do will be correct for that was the
way it was destined to be at this level of Universe.
Remember, on the Linear level the effects of things done today all
travel beyond the bend of the horizon we call tomorrow.

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