The Sin Of VonDaniken


Animal you wrote:

I have seen many strange things and have had some strange experiences.
I know therefore there are things going on that cannot be dismissed by so called rational explanation. However, one thing that will make me very skeptical is using Erik VonDaniken in references.

Some of his books started going way off into what I would qualify as fiction. Additionally I have seen a tape in where he stated that he fictionalized a lot or some of his information. He
said he did so to dramatize the stories to sell his books. Since then, I have
refused to accept any of his information or buy any more of his books.

I look for straight information, and no matter how fantastic, I make nothing up, I present straight facts only.



Friend Animal,

that is an excellent way to be and your point is well taken.
I have seen that tape also, and the program done on him by Nova but there are diamonds among that glass that can and should be extracted.
I focused more on the workings of the ancients and not his speculations.
This is why I also focus more on Sitchin in my article for he is more straight up than VonDaniken.
My main interest in his (VonDaniken) tape Chariots of the Gods is so that one can get a idea of the size of these artifacts and what had to be required in their constructions.
Though VonDaniken may have over did it in his writings I feel still his tape makes it worth viewing and in truth he was the first I ever heard of that put forth this idea and because of that alone he deserves the mention.
It is kind of like an explaination a teacher once used,
You could tell me that water left in a cup will vanish after awhile because there are little invisible men running around the rim of it with straws drinking it.
When in truth it will vanish, but because it evaporates, yet the fact remains the water will vanish.
Although VonDaniken added things and was later proven to have been duped by others, still the pyrimids and the wondrous workings of the ancients remain.
In other words " The water vanished " as was said it would, but it was not little invisible men with straws that did it.
How he arrived at his conclusions was faulty but still he arrived at the correct answer.
Although some of the things he said were wrong, the idea " that Ancient Astronauts have visited the Earth " bares up under closer investigation and recent discoveries, that all said and done I must agree with you on one point you made.
When one part of his works is found to be lacking in truth I too am tempted to wonder how much of the rest of his work is to be trusted.
Still his misdoings does not invalidate the obvious evidence we see about the world and in no way does he invalidate the works of Sitchin.

At this point I have no space left at my website but I will be purchasing more space once I do I will post your excellent letter to my site if you do not mind me doing so if you do mind then just write me again and I will not.
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