I am curious about the little boy with the very pale skin what ever
came of that encounter? I think it is a test of compassion. I have never
encountered this but I have an uncle who is not a big believer in angels
but who gave someone change and he remembers what blue eyes they had and
how grateful they were to him for the little bit of change. I think it
is a test for us. It is something I am most certain you would have no
real doubts over doing. I believe that ghosts exist among us in all
forms and from your many stories. It would seem to me that you are a
ghost magnet. You seem to draw them in? I really enjoyed each of your
stories and would like to hear more about them. I find stories much like
your fascinating I learn so much from them and I often feel the fear,
but for you to share your stories takes great courage.


Friend Wendy, thank you for your letter.
Outside of the old man in the grey suit I have never heard from, or of Aarron again.
I do not know if he was and angel, ghost, alien, or an aspect of myself.
Nor do I entertain thoughts on what he was for in this Quantum Universe we are a part of he could very well be all of the above and beyond.
I do know I have heard him or of being of his description, described in stories of angels.
I do know that the old man called him his son, and introduced him self using the same name.
In fact until responding to you letter I never thought about that fact.
When I asked the old man his name he too said " Aarron. "
Was that his family name or his name or the name of these beings?
Neither of the two said any name other than Aarron.
The old man did not have the same glow as did the boy but then we were standing out in the glare of the sun.
The old man looked like any of the other elderly Jewish gentlemen that lived in the area at that time, but Aarron would attract attention no matter where you saw him.
No matter where you were, even running to escape a fire I'd dare say, you would have stopped to look at him this child was so dazzlingly beautiful.
He was like the men with the " Lady On The Roof " beautiful but not effeminate.
I could well see how people would be led to believe that he was an angel, for they are said to have this beauty too but I do not believe that he was an angel, for they the men and the Lady were not angels, for they had landed in a craft on the roof.
Thank you for writing again please take care and feel free to write at anytime.



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