My Caveat

First of all parts of this article can be found scattered through out this site, but here you will find a more detailed versions of them.
Secondly, I have never been hypnotized to reclaim my memories and will not allow myself to be....
What I remember and write about here, I have remembered from the time the events happened.
At the time I experienced these things I did not know what it was that had occurred, or what in life to file them under.
It took me all of now forty plus years to even begin to put name to them.
Even after my reading the first book of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and seeing the movie on tv I did not put it together that some of what I had been experiencing all my life were aliens, for what she described and the way the creatures were depicted in the movie did not look or act like what I and my siblings had on many occasions encountered.
To this day I have seen more than the black apple seed eyed greys that the Hopkins crew report.
Though some of the creatures I saw somewhat matched their description.
I have also Encountered similar entities but they had huge cat like, snake like, frog like, bird like, or sheep like pupils in gigantic iridescent iris in eyes that sometimes showed that corneas were also present.
Some of them actually had sparse very fine baby fuzz like white hair on their huge heads and small babylike teeth in almost lip less mouths.
Some of them had short gray rat like fur or were just the color of it.
Others were chalky tan gray, and smoky ghostly white in color, and jet black freestanding three dimensional silhouette like entities.
They also range from very squat to very tall and gaunt creatures and not just the classic short Greys.
Some of them glowed faintly white, yellow, turquoise, and light green in the dark.
As children I and Ralph had so many visitations from these different groups of creatures we called them various names but mainly Window Peepers.
In late 1988, early 1989 Current Affair aired a tape taken by a woman in North Carolina of one of these creatures during the nocturnal fly over of her home by a series of UFOs just as one of the UFOs, vanished a creature was caught on tape passing before the window of her home.
She only focused her attention on the one creature she taped gliding pass her window but after studying the tape I found it was actually three of these things in her yard as I knew there would be for they always come in groups of threes.
I this year was able to blow up and enhance a frame of this tape and the Window Peeper is easily seen but because of the poor quality of the reception I had back then and the deteriorating tape its face is distorted but still recognizable as that of what is called a Grey today but what Ralph and I back in the fifties would have called a Window Peeper, Window Knocker, Window Scratcher, Window Tapper, Window Rapper, and because of the sounds they sometimes made a Yneep Yneep. "
The truth was we, Ralph and I, originally thought these creatures lived down in the darkness of the air shaft between our building and the mattress factory next door to our building.
It never occurred to us that they were landing on the factory roof for we were not prone to believe in space creatures.
Yes like all children we love sci.-fi, monster, and horror pictures but our mother would sit and watch the movies with us, and would explain that these were all stories some one had made up and that none of it was real.
Maybe she was ahead of her time when it came to watching tv and knew the power of impression it had on children's minds.
She would point out the zippers in the back of the monsters, that Superman's belly looked flat when he flew because he was laying on a table and that you could some time see through him when he walked through fire and sometimes flew because it was two films running at the same time.
She went to the screen and pointed out the wires coming from Peter Pans back that made him fly.
She told us how Godzilla was a man in a rubber suit and the houses were toys, that their were no such things as flying saucers or monsters from out of space.
Finally it became a game we would play to see if we could guess how things were done.
As would be expected sometimes we did have nightmares from the movies we'd seen but we knew that they were just dreams of things we'd seen.
But none of the other creatures that came to our bedroom window, and appeared to us looked anything like the creatures we'd seen in these movies.
Their actions and the things they did were never shown in any movies of that time.
It was only one encounter in fact that I actually saw what I then called a flying saucer on the roof, but I only connected the saucer to the three tall humans that I saw, and not to the other creatures I had seen before I was taken out on to the roof.
They, the other creatures I called Dream Demons, and it was not until some of them were described in Whitley Striebers Communion, many years later, that some of my weird dreams and encounters began to make sense to me.
For how could some one from out side of the family know so well not only the appearance of dream demons, but also the strange way they moved, the caddie and syntax of their speech pattern, and the things they sometimes did, with out them being real?
Before then I always thought these other entities to be dream demons or spirits from the alley.
As soon as I saw the tape I recognized its movements and form as that of the creature we called Window Peepers and then I made the connection that these creatures were aliens that had come to our window and that it had not been nightmares but real events that we had experienced in our bed room back then.
In my encounters I have, at times, seen all kinds of creatures working together including very tall beautiful human looking men and women.
Some of the things I have encountered were so bizarre looking that I call them EDs ( Exo Dimensionals ) rather than ETs.
We were also visited during the summer months by a creature that looked to be a blending of a bat, an eagle, a human, and sometimes an ostrich, we called it Gonzwell, a Gonzwell, or Mr. Gonzwell depending on how it manifested.
Sometime it would come first as a huge black bird that would change into the creature we called Gonzwell, but some time it would become what looked like a tall and gaunt pitch black silhouette of a caped man wearing a wide brimmed domed hat.
In all of its forms however it had iridescent mother of pearl eyes that transfixed you once you looked into them.
It was only in this form that it would speak and so we called it Mr. Gonzwell.
It would with anger speak of what was done to its home and how the world was being destroyed by man.
I thought back then he was saying he used to live in our apartment and so it was a ghost of a man that lived there and died but I was totally at a loss to understand the other form it took the gargoyle looking creature that was covered with short bat like fur and had enormous bat like wings on a human body with the face of an eagle with spectruming saucer like staring eyes.
It was not until the late seventies that I first heard tell of The Mothman.
By older brother Chuck too had dream encounters with huge talking black bird like creatures that would say horrible thing to him too, but Chuck never went in to details of his encounters for they so frightened him.
Then there was the sudden airing of a new detective show on CBS that only ran for about two or three weeks, the name of the show?
Mr.Gonzwell, and no, don't bother saying I heard the shows title and then name this creature after it.
Mr. Gonzwell had been a house hold word meaning " The king Of The Dream Demons " among the male children of the family for years before then.
What was Gonzwell?
I didn't then and don't now think it was an ET but something that shared the Earth with mankind for it said it once lived there.
Back then I thought it meant the house we lived in now I think it meant the land the house was built on as I years later found out that the land that 1530 Brook Avenue was built on as well as the projects we later moved into afterwards was once sacred Native American burial grounds.
This was in the fifties long before there was talk of ecology and saving the Earth or of such creatures as Greys as there is now.
Where from, and why, would two children like Ralph and I be having dreams of such things?

The Long Dream Incident

In the mid 1950s I had what I called back then "The Long Dream" for it ended one night, to continue the next night from the exact point it had ended the night before.
It would take me years later to realize just what had really happened over those two nights, there had been a mass abduction that took place over those two nights.
I didn't know what to call it then but a long dream, but what happens when you meet people years later that did not know you, or you them then, that tell of similar things that happened to them when they lived in the same area during that same time?
Though they did not report the same huge yellow craft in the park I saw, one spoke of a huge yellow building being in the park, and another spoke of having a dream of being chased by a monstrous yellow bulldozer through the park.
Please note that at the time I was told this I had not mentioned the long dream contents to them.
I only asked what was the weirdest dream they ever had while they were living in the same area of the Bronx as I did at that time.
I only asked this of those that I found out had lived and grown up in my area during that time.
Add to this the fact that none that I asked about this knew each other at that time or even or now.
That all said I will now continue with anecdote of what I call,

The Long Dream

The long dream consisted of me finding myself in my empty bedroom one night.
I when to my parents room and found they were gone too but when I looked out into the street Clairmont parkway was full of people in lines.
I got dressed and went down to see if I could find my parents and family in the crowds.
When I reached the corner I saw a policeman and asked him what was happening he just pushed me in to the line and while just staring fixedly ahead said " Move on, move on.... "
The entire dream was no more than me standing in this slow moving line. I saw all the people from the neighborhood I knew but many people I saw I knew did not live in the area.
There was a baby in diapers that was being held by the hand that was quietly walking along.
I knew this baby, maybe toddler would be a better name for the child, for I had almost run into him during a game of round up tag during the summer and nearly came to blows with Pee Wee one of the feared kids on the block, feared not because of his toughness but his large family and older brothers and many cousins.
He told me I was lucky I had not knocked his cousin down because he and his brothers would have beat me up.
I was surprised to see the kid with out his parents for the one holding his hand was no on I knew from the area.
He too, the toddler just stared ahead and moved when the line moved and stopped when it stopped not at all like a child his age would have.
It seemed all the people of authority in the area was standing out side of the line just droning the mantra,
" Move on....... Move on....... "
There were firemen, policemen, the fathers from Our Lady Of Victory, some of the lunch ladies from PS.42
Even the guy that cleaned up behind the garbage trucks was there.
Theirs was the only voices I heard, the only other sound was the shuffle of the foot falls of the crowds there was no traffic no air planes.
It was not until I reached the corner of Webster Avenue and Clairmont that I saw the huge lemon yellow mushroom shaped craft sitting in the base ball field of Clairmont Park.
I could see that was where we all were going to.
I seemed to be the only one that paid it any mind every one else just walked slowly with their eyes looking ahead.
When I got to the gate of the ball park I then saw what Ralph and I called a Saurean.
Today some say I saw a Reptilian.
The term Saurean is actually used in a cartoon show these days but we, Ralph and I were the only ones that used that term in the fifties.
We called them that for we thought they were dinosaurs that evolved into humanoids.
When I got to the gate the Saurean stopped the line and I said
" You better not be here tomorrow because our air force will blow the hell out of you. "
It just looked at me and said,
" We will just shift into another dimension where you can't see us but we can see you. "
That is were the dream ended.
It began at the same point the next night it, the Saurian, pushed me and said " Move on. "
And I started toward the huge craft.
As I entered it I was amazed to see it was larger on the inside than it was on the outside.
Next I was laying naked on a black table across from another naked man.
There were no restraints but there was like and electrical force that held me in place.
I like the man across from me was aroused, but at that age ( 7 ) I had no idea as to what that meant.
Nor had I ever seen an adult aroused or knew the dimension they grew too.
I had no idea about pubic hair and was surprised to see it matched the color of the hair on the man's head.
I could not see very far the light acted funny in the craft it fell but it did not spread or disperse.
This was a phenomena that Ralph and I called an Enapse for we some time saw this happen in other places, but there too we called it dreams for it all ways came before encounters with the Window Peepers And the various creatures we called Dream Demons.
I could only see the guy next to me he told me his name was Tommy and that he came from the other side of Clairmont Park.
Tommy was a white youth, maybe 18-20 years old.
He had copper red hair, he like me was not fully under their " spell " so to say, in as much as he did not just go along in the glazed over fashion as did everyone else.
He was cussing the dark figures that were moving up and down between us.
He was yelling at them to leave me alone telling them, " He's just a kid you bastards he's just a kid. "
I could not move and felt as if there was a magnet holding me to the black smooth plastic like table I was on.
I could only turn my head and that was how I saw him.
There was a group of these shadowy robed figures working on him too they paid him nor me any attention but just went about their doings.
" Is every one here? " I asked.
" All those on this side of the Third Avenue L are being bought here. " I was told I don't know who it was that said it " All those from the other side are being taken to Crotona Park. "
I knew it wasn't Tommy because I could still hear him shouting in the back ground but it was like the volume of the world had been turned down,
" Don't talk to them......... Don't listen to them............ Cuss them....... Fight them............ Never give in to them! "
I asked why their ship looked bigger inside than outside and was told that we were not actually in the ship but a kind of a pocket they had generated that was why the lights behaved as it did.
I was told they did not always use craft but sometimes used these pockets.
I guess now it was because of the volume of people they were working with that time they had landed the craft, but I didn't think to ask that, but did realize that was what the Saurean had meant the night before about shifting into another dimension that we could not see them but they could see us.
The next thing I knew, I was waking up in my bed at home again, and because I found myself back home in bed after these things were over, I called them dreams or nightmares for I had been taught by my mother, and rightly so, if you wake up in bed it was a dream, right?
In the early 1980s a high school and Army buddy of Ralph's Jaen ( pronounced as
Haen) but we called him Jean Garcia showed up one rainy night on our doorstep from North Carolina and was looking for a place to stay till he could find an apartment in New York.
Jaen is considered family, and in fact was called my Puerto Rican son my or mother.
Of course he ended up staying for two years with Ralph and I and then moved with me to Brooklyn for another three to four years before he got married.
One night as I and Ralph were talking abut our encounters and sightings of UFOs Jaen said,
" Oh those aren't flying saucers I saw them all the time when I was stationed out on this base out in the dessert. "
" You did? " I asked.
" Yeah they would come over and hover all the time the Sargent said they were heat inversions and don't pay any attention to them. "
" What!? " both Ralph and I chorused at him.
" Yeah I saw them all the time they looked like discs of light and you could feel heat coming off of them, that's why they are called heat inversions. "
" Think about it Jean the dessert is cold at night, and there is something that lights up the sky and sends heat down to you and that's a heat inversion ok what ever you say " Ralph said.
Jaen stopped talking about it, and refuse to speak on it any more after that. "
One night years later when it was just Jean and I living together out here in Brooklyn we were just talking and he started talking about how he and his back then fiance Sandra decided they wanted to go to The Grand Old Opree in Tennessee I think it is called.
As they were driving they saw what they thought was its dome on the side of the road in the distance but it seemed they never could reach it.
For it kept changing it position first it would be on this side of the road them when they got there it would be farther down on the other side of the road then over here then over there.
" Well did you ever get to it? " I asked.
" No I guess we just got tired and went home. "
" You guess, " I asked " You don't know? "
" We just never thought or talked about it any more after that, and forgot about it. " he said.
I remembered how he clamped up when Ralph confronted him about the heat inversions so I did not ask him any more about it, thinking it would be best that I bring it up at another time.
I never got the chance.
One hot night as Jean sat shirt less watching tv I noticed he had a perfect scoop mark on his left shoulder blade.
I asked how the hell he had got it.
He said he didn't know he had it and said that it must have happened when he went through the back window of a car he was in.
He was sleeping in the back seat of a friends car and it was run into by a drunk driver it was totaled and he was sent through they back window.
He was thrown some ten feet and landed in a field.
The paramedics took his pulse and covered him with a sheet and went to work on the others in the car.
to there surprise as they were about to leave he threw the sheet off of him, got back into the back seat of the car, and said " Ok, lets go. " then collapsed.
True his back had scares but they all were straight and directional but not this little scoop mark.
Again I let it alone not wanting him to stop talking about it.
Here too I never got the chance to speak more deeply about the mark.
Then one day as his sister and I and Ralph and Jean were talking about the old days I mentioned my hated Glee Club teacher Miss. Berlin.
Mildy burst out laughing and said " I had Miss Berlin too. "
Only then did I realize she may have been in my class and asked " You went to PS.42? "
" Where did you live at back then? " I asked.
" We lived on Bathgate Avenue. " she said " I went to 42 about two years and Jean a half a year but then our parents signed us up to be bussed to the better schools in the North Bronx."
" Yeah. " Jaen said with a nervous laugh " Those people went crazy when the bus pulled up. "
" Yeah. " Mildy said but not laughing " They started shaking the bus we thought they were going to turn it over with us in it. "
" How long did you live on Bathgate? " I asked.
" Up until we moved in to the projects on Webster Avenue. " she said.
I Wanted to ask her if she ever had any weird dreams for Bathgate was in the area that would have been Takened to Clairmont park, but the conversation moved into other things.
The year before I was disabled by a spinal injury on my job of ten years at the Federal Reserve Bank Of New York, I had the chance to meet a youth named Leroy Hope that for reasons I could not understand was so familiar to me it was uncanny.
I even commented to my partner that I felt that I knew this young man from somewhere, but had no idea of how I could.
I just brushed it off finally to that he may just look like some one I knew as I was growing up.
I was talking one day of my encounters and the youth said that his family had, had many encounters too and he believed and abduction for there was missing time involved.
He said they had been driving in New Jersey and grew hungry and saw a Duncan Doughnut shop off side the rode and went to pull over next thing they where miles away from where they saw the doughnut shop and had not eaten.
That opened a friendship between Leroy and I and we talked when we met or worked together.
One day as he was working with us he suddenly said,
" I feel like howling. "
" Like what? " I asked looking up from my work.
" Like howling it is so quiet in here I do it all the time at home. " he said.
I laughed and said my brothers Chuck and Ralph used to do that too, in fact all the males of Brook Avenue used to howl like wolves, except me I was too much of a stick in the mud for such things, besides I am a dragon at heart not a wolf. "
" You lived on Brook Avenue? " he asked.
" Yes I grew up there. " I said.
" I did too. " he said.
" Must have been after I moved. " I said " How old are you, I moved when I was twelve. "
" I was there since I was one or two, " He said " I am twenty two now. "
" Then you were there when I was there, " I said.
I then turned to my partner Theresa Whitt and said, " I told you I knew him from somewhere. "
" Vell now you know where you know him from." she said with her thick Frankfort accent.
" But I would not remember you, you would have been a baby back then. "
" Well maybe you remember my father his name was Leroy too, or maybe you remember my cousin Earnest. "
" Earnest......... No, I don't remember any kid called Earnest from Brook Avenue. " I said.
" Wait, you might have known him as Peewee. "
Boom, my world shook.........
He, Leroy, was that baby/toddler I had almost run into, and that I had seen on the line the night of the long dream!
Then it all began to fall into place what had happened those two nights.
They were tagging/ implanting people so they could follow them as they migrated out of the area.
Today that entire area that once consisted of row after row of tenements is gone.
There were just van cant areas of over grown lots the last time I saw them.
On the block where I used to live, now stands an old folks home, at least that is what I think it is, and the mattress factory is a motor cycle club house.
The lot left behind by 1530 is still vacant.
Because of the way it seems that all that were in that area has had repeated encounters with alien and UFO phenomena since leaving that area, and the similarities in some of the stories, I believe what happened back then to have been not only a mass abduction but a mass tagging, or monitor implanting also. They, who ever they were must have known that the area was soon to be broken up and the people would be widely dispersed.
Whether this was future viewed, directed, or just procedure by them I do not know but I do know that anyone I have met thus far from that area, from that time has had encounters with UFOs or with entities similar to those that I and my family have encountered, or has a terrifying dream that occurred in one of the two parks that were in the area depending on where they lived.
I find it too much of a coincidence that those that were on the Eastern side of the Third Avenue L all report the same huge yellow colored object being in Crotona park though one called it a building, and the other a gigantic bulldozer.
And though they did not know any of the others I wrote of here, that where in the same area at the same time, their stories all contain elements of and links to what I remember happened in my so called " Long Dream. "
Now you could say still by your own words it was a dream and to that I say
" But what happens when you start seeing these same entities in real time and space during your waking life in the bright and glaring light of a noon day sun?
What are they then? "
It was a bright and clear late May, early June, day.
My two older siblings were at school and me and Ralph as usual were running about at play as any children of the ages of six myself, and Ralph five would be doing.
Every shade in the apartment was raised in child fashion to the top off the windows allowing the golden yellow light of the sun to come pouring in through every window.
Ralph and I loved this for at these times we could see the dance of dust in the eddies of air about us then blowing to see how far our breaths traveled before it no longer affected the airborne particles.
The noon siren sounded just as the theme music for Search For Tomorrow, or The Guiding Light started playing over the television signaling the arrival of lunch time and then, the all too hated, nap time.
We were called and told to wash our hands and come to the kitchen to eat our lunch then go to bed.
As always I was the first to finish and was told by my mother who was washing
the dishes to go and sleep in Theresa's room because she was not going to have to keep telling me and Ralph to shut up and go to sleep today as she did the day before.
Actually she had, had to put the belt to us before we did stop playing around and went to sleep something she hated doing.
She told me to go and sleep in Theresa's room.
I said "Ok" and turned and started back to my sisters room, and walked through the little area between the kitchen and the living room where the refrigerator and metal broom closet stood across from the bathroom door.
Entering the living room and crossing the floor I glanced out of each of the two windows as I passed them, toward P.S. 42, where Chuck and Theresa were now.
I thought to myself that I would be glad when I was like them, and did not have to take a stupid nap every day.
Stepping into the crooked hallway I walked the short distance to the doorway of my sisters room turned and entered, and was immediately startled to see what appeared to be three jet black silhouettes sitting on her bed two at the head one at the foot.
As I stood there wide eyed mouth opened they jumped to their feet.
My feeling was it was as if they were surprised that I could see them.
At that second they began to race about the room at a fantastic speed so fast it
was as if someone was lashing a switch back and forth through the air and I could hear like a cloth flapping sound along with it.
They converged on the window, through which I could see the factory roof and beyond that the school bathed in the golden light of the mid day sun, and suddenly with a sound I could only describe as "SHOOPMPHF!" the window became a black rectangle through which they fled, and for what seemed to be a endless second I stood their holding onto the side of the bed terrified that if I let go I would go tumbling into the huge dark opening before me, right behind them for the air in the room seemed as if is was being pulled in it as if it was a kind of a vacuum tube the entities had opened.
Then "SHOOPMPHF!!" it was gone and again I could see the mattress factory roof,
PS.42 and once more the golden sunlight came flooding through the window.
I quickly turned and left the room.
Returning to the kitchen, I asked my mother about it, as always I did after having a bizarre encounter, or strange experience.
"Mother......." I asked "How come when I went into Theresa's room there were these little black shadows in the room that jumped up and ran around real fast and went through the window that disappeared and turned all black and I thought I was going to fall out of it but then it turned back into a window again? "
My mother now being used to me coming to her with such questions only said
"That's nice don't tell your father he will think you are crazy, go sleep in your room."
I did as told and went to my bed room and got into bed.
As I lay there through my southwest facing bedroom window I saw the creature that both my brother Ralph and I called " The Walking Stick " today others would call it a " Mantis Entity " walk out onto the roof top of the building next to ours.
I could see her standing there out in the bright light of the noon sun, and I thought to myself,
"Don't she know they will kill her if they see her?"
At that instant she swiveled her head toward me and said/thought in to my head,
"I will simply make them not look at me."
Suddenly it was like someone was turning down the volume of the world.
The sounds of the cars racing by on Clairmont Parkway and those of the soap opera on the TV in the living room all began to lower to a muffled muddlelization in the background.
I became aware of a presence in the room but first saw nothing.
Then I saw a black hand with four claw like fingers slowly rising up from under my bed.
It was the same as the little things I'd seen in my sister's room a black silhouette.
Its fingers were long and pointed at the tips.
Though there was only four fingers they were arranged like a hand one of the
long digits sat center middle lower palm giving it the look of a hand.
I kept thinking to jump off the bed and run but was afraid that it would grab
my legs if I tried to so I rolled back to the wall.
The hand/claw bent at a non wrist and touched and felt up and down the bed then slowly raise and pulled back under the bed which suddenly shook and began to glide away from the wall.
I rolled frightened to the middle of the bed as and again watched in horror as
the hand thing slowly raise this time from the other side of the bed and felt up
and down the side of it.
It again slipped silently down under the bed which again shook and moved back to the wall.
It was at this point I did something that still to this day confuses me.
I crossed my hands over my chest left over right and calmly laid down.
Next I am out on the roof outside my window there is what looks to be a large bead of quick silver with a pie like slice opening on it.
There is a tall man at the opening, I call him white only because that is what I call people off his complexion but I know he was not Caucasian for he was not from here.
I can only describe him as being a beautiful man.
He did not look like a woman nor was he effeminate.
His eyes were a very light blue almost gray.
His hair what I could see of it seemed very light blonde.
He was very muscular but his muscles were different than ours they were longer and graceful not bulging though big.
He was very tall over six feet but not gawky looking like basketball players.
He wore a one piece silver Spandex like, but not shinny uniform.
His helmet that looked like those worn by the Egyptian Solders but it was made of the same material as his outfit.
There was something that back then I would call a straw that came out of the ear
of his helmet and went around to the front of his face and stopped just before his mouth.
Today these things are quite common they are the light weight head sets we see worn by phone operators and performers.
He never did more than smile at me and watch the skies.
In front of me was a woman and another man both of then like the other man were
beautiful had I been raised in church I would have thought them all to be angels.
The man stood behind the woman he too wore the same outfit and had the same
body structure as the other man like him they were very tall too.
They too had to be over seven feet tall but again were not gaunt.
This man's eyes were a deep sky blue and his hair a deeper yellow almost gold.
He like the other man only smiled and never spoke.
The woman too had a muscular physique.
She was not at all built like the muscle women we see these days but was just as solid as the men.
She wore no helmet but the same booted uniform.
Her hair was a reddish color that I have not seen even in the sixties or these late nineties when strange hair dyes and colorings are the norm.
It was not just the color of her hair that was different from our women but she had too much of it is the only way I can describe it.
Not only was it very full, dense, and thick but it was very long.
She was the first woman I have ever seen with hair below her waist.
I had the feeling if I touched it, it would not be soft but I never did.
Her eyes were a deep emerald green I've only seen eyes like those since they started to make colored contacts.
That goes for all of their eyes colorings they were very intense.
I earlier said they were tall but maybe it would be best for me to say they were
not tall but big for their dimensions were like an average persons but they were
just bigger than our people.
She was the only one that spoke.
I don't remember much of what she said for I was not really interested in what she was saying my thoughts were more on the fact that they had such bland and corny outfits after all I was only six years old at the time and being so was used to seeing ray guns and pointed shoulders and lightening bolts and wings on the boots of people from outer space.
These guys had none of the flash and glitter of the space people I saw in the movies.
They didn't even have the glass bubbles on their heads, only those stupid cloth hats the men were wearing.
"Shoot if they can build a flying saucer why can't they make a neat outfit?",
I was thinking
That was when " The Lady " as I call her did something that caught my attention.
She extended her hand toward me.
In her palm was a ladies compact sized disc with a symbol with in concentric circles on it.
These circles had grooves cut into them and to my surprise and delight could be moved, I had thought they, the circles, were just designs.
" This is the Universal Number............." She said,
" With this you can see the future the past and the present................
It can change any number but it can't be changed by any number..................
By aligning these spaces you can view other levels of the universe..............."
That was when she moved the rings on the disc that I up to then thought was circular etchings.
I took the dull grey device from her extended hand and asked not believing that she would give me such a cool thing,
" Can I keep this? "
" Yes," she said smiling " It is yours. "
When I later was awakened in my bed by my mother I was furious and screamed
" She lied... She lied... She took it back.... She said I could have it... And she took it back! "
My mother of course though baffled was used to my ways by now asked me what I was talking about.
" The Universal Number! " I shouted at her crying and searching for it in the covers about the bed
" The lady on the roof said I could have it and she took it back! "
My mother told me to calm down,
" It was just a dream and there was never a lady on the roof or a Universal Number for it was just another one of those dreams you have, now stop talking crazy, and come to dinner."
That ended the conversation but I could not get what the Lady had said, before she handed me the disc, out of my mind.
Understand I was six then and could not count to one nor did I know an A from an 8, and here I was talking about the Universal Number.
I started school the next year going straight to the first grade and when the teacher taught us to count to ten I asked her,
" What about the Universal Number? "
She like my mother said the year before " There was no such thing. "
But I still silently obsessed over the object and what the woman had said.
Finally some years later I did begin to understand some of what she said.
It was to take me some thirty years to realize the woman had not lied, she had given me the Universal Number but it was not the disc it was the concept of what the disc meant.
(A) This is the Universal number with it you can see the future, the past and the present.......
(B) It can change any number but not be changed by any number....................................
(C) By aligning the spaces you can view other levels of the universe.....................
It was about time, space, matter, energy, and vibrational rates not the dull inscribed disc.
It was a Koan, and the more I thought on it the more I learned about the structure of our universe and is quantum to macro relativeities.
(A) Where we stand in time we can conceive of the past, a future, and yet we see the present.
So where are we in time?
We are at the balancing point Point O.
And because time is ever changing the Point of O is never static and so really dose not exist, so in other words time dose not exist, therefore nothing exist.
In other words what we call existence is an allusion.
(B) What number can change any number but not be changed by any number?
Only one .0 or Point Zero, depending on where it is put a number increases or decreases but it to itself remains unchanged.
(C) The length of the pause/spaces or vibratory rates of wavelengths can shift it lets say from one wave length to another ie. long pauses red shift, shorter pulses blue shift.
Thus radio wave, infra red, and X rays all show us other levels of our universe.
This also applies to the absence of a quantum particle will change the form that matter is manifested in, in the universe ie nuclear decay and chemical reactions as electrons are lost naturally or through manipulations.
Imagination.......... Hallucinations?
That would be true if it wasn't for the fact that what we were told by these things we had encountered had, Ralph and I, discussing using, though using our own made up words like, Phigments, Time Os, Time Lines, Sky Bands or Beams, the Universal Grid, and the Universal Number, and later on .0, Point O and then The O.
That we were to find out thirty years later would be proven true in quantum physics laboratories, and by cosmological discoveries.
Phigments, Time Lines, and Time Os turned out to be called Super Strings and Trajectories.
Sky Bands and Beams we learned later was what was called the Earth's Energy Grids.
The Universal Grid or part of it was compiled by Cosmologist when the were mapping out the visible galaxies seen from the Earth.
The Universal number which said that basically the Universe does not exist but is made of shifting degrees of spaces, in other words the presence of the absence of a quantum particle dictates what form energy will manifest in the universe as ie. liquids, solid, gas, plasma, energy, and by our observance of it, we fix it, and it fixes us to our level in the universe.
But back then who knew of such things?
Who could we talk to, in the ghettos of the South Bronx that could or would understand what we meant?
We were little more than babies who would pay attention to us?
Some of these things that we had been shown and told of by entities we met, in what our parents told us were just dreams, had sometimes been said directly through words and other times through a Koan.
The Universal Number was such a Koan given to me on the mattress factory roof out side of my bed room window during that midday abduction.
When I tried to tell of what happened I was ignored by my older siblings, and told don't talk crazy by my parents both of whom had once worked as attendants in what was called back then a nut house in New Jersey.
Our father would sometimes tell us of the horrors of mental illness he'd seen and the operations he had witnessed.
So when our mother told me and Ralph that we'd be locked up in a nut house if people heard us talking about the things we said we'd seen, you better believe it carried some weight, and made it so we would talk only to each other of the things we saw.
It was because of the things we were told/taught by our encounters we would be later called genius once we entered the public school system.
When in the second grade I drew out the designs of what my teacher recognized as a self powering electromagnetic generator and I called a perpetual motion machine both our parents were called to school and told that because of my design, and Ralph who was then in kindergarten because of his understanding of magnetics should be sent to a school for gifted children by our teachers and the principle of the school.
But this was the fifties and the news then had just ran the story of how a school bus of minority children was almost over turned by rioting white parents at a school they were being bussed to, to inter grate my mother was horrified and refused the offer.
When an I.Q test was scheduled for the school our mother kept us home that day, beyond that point the school relented all its attempts to move us to another school ended.
What happened to my idea I still remember it and have seen something of a similar design that is said to use Point O energy to run.
As for Ralph when he went into the Army he took up electronics and designed a encoding device, a scrambler, that swept up and down the radio wave spectrum as it transmitted so that if you did not have its counter part a receiver that swept in sync up and down the radio wave spectrum you could not understand what was being transmitted.
Today this unit is still in use but because Ralph was in the army when he designed this device he received nothing for it.........
I only mention these things for those that may think just maybe we were dreaming our encounters back then such information does not come from dreams.
Much like Betty the things she saw and were told would be verified years after the encounter was over.
What better way to show that the encounter was real than to show or tell you of things that are not yet available, or known of in our society?
The watch that the skeptics often ask for would be of no use for it falls with in the frames of things already known.
Bringing back things that will at a future time come in to being and or understanding is the best thing you can leave any encounter with.
Betty Hill made the same mistake in her encounter as I did in mine.
The book Betty was given, too, I feel was such a Koan, it was not the book that was important but what she could remember from it that had substance and meaning, but her Koan was for others to answer like Margerie Fisk, and the doctors that conceptualized and brought into use the pregnancy test that we use to day but back then was only a fantastic tale.
The Hills, I feel, may have been a not so random, random sampling, as we do also when studying other species, but I also know that these things do follow family lines in as much as there were tales of the appearance of the same entities on both sides of my families history as I was to find out many years later, but back then they were thought to be ghost, demons or evil spirits for they had no other name to call them.
Today we say they are aliens but what will we call them tomorrow?
I do not think that all the things that are called aliens are aliens, that is to say some of these things I believe to be native to our world and have lived amongst us, all along, though not often seen ie.(The Nonts)
Much like the Okapis was thought to be a imaginary creature at one time but as civilization encroached on, and destroyed its natural habitat they were forced into coming out of their hiding places.
Pandas, orangutans, gorillas, were once also part of this hidden society relegated to the realm of fantasy like Bigfoot and Nessy by those that did not live in the areas they did long enough to see them so told those that did see them what they had saw could not exist and so they had to be dreaming or mistaken.
Funny how the same people that said these things could never be will then be the same ones to tell how they could have survived undiscovered, and then quickly move on to debunk what they see as another claim of the paranormal.
The Okapis is a simple deer like animal now imagine you are dealing with a intelligent species bent on remaining unseen and or discovered by the human populations, for obvious reasons.
Some of these entities I feel would rather not have to deal with humans but because the world we are destroying is their world too, or the foundation of the dimension they inhabit they have to come out and take a look to see what the hell is going on.
I am a New Yorker and have lived in tenements and projects too huge for me to ever get to know all the people in them so I like to use that as an example when I try to explain this.
If you live in a huge building you may never get to know the guy upstairs from you for he may work nights and so sleeps during the day.
You may not know the lady down stairs for she leaves earlier and comes in later than you do for she works upstate.
You may never know the old man next door for he leads a quiet life.
Or the family that lives on the opposite side of you for what ever a multitude of reasons.
You could go on for years never knowing them because your paths have not crossed, but let the guy upstairs fall asleep and leave his bathtub running, or the lady down stairs forget to turn off her coffee pot, or the old man grand kids come for a visit and start blasting their stereo, and the teen from the other apartment starts knocking holes in the wall and spray painting his logo all over the floor you live on, even your front door, believe me you will fast come to know all of the above.
This is what I feel we are facing here wether we know it or not, our universe is like a huge complex we have neighbors living all around us in this tenement and we have been letting our bathtub over flow, we've been playing our music too loud, we have been put graffiti on ,and knocking holes in the walls of the building, and we have been letting our pots burn.
So now all our previous unseen neighbors are coming to bang on our door.
Smoke coming from and apartment on the first floor will bring even those from the twenty first down to see what is going on, will it not?
In short we have become such bad tenants that the land lord Mother Earth has been sending us eviction notices, ie. El Nino, the hole in the ozone layer, and wave after wave of new diseases.
Real Experiencers are having real experiences but the problem is we do not know who is it that comes.
To us in the third dimension a tree is just a tree what is it on another level of the universe?
Our Linear minds blinds us to a Quantum reality, and our linear doings effect the quantum universe in ways we can not ever see fully but are slowly, oh too slowly I fear, learning.
The indigenous people knew that we all are connected to all things in the web of life and the grid of the universe.
As for Mrs. Hills statement about these entities called aliens not being able to come through walls I have seen, and video taped their craft doing things that I know makes this ability pale to the potential as to what can be done by such technologies.
Maybe they did not use their full abilities at the time they took the Hills, for they did not have to, in as much as they already had them by hypnotizing Barney when he looked into their eyes through the binoculars.
It has been my experience that they don't waist the time they spend here doing tricks if it is not necessary to suit their purposes.
Long before I heard of such things as these entities walking through walls and going through closed windows I saw them done in real time like then making the black opening appear where the window was, that they then entered, and it then shoomphfed close behind them.
I have also seen them just push through the glass of a window with out breaking it.
This was not something even thought of, or spoke of in the 1950s-60s when I as a child saw it done.
I was consciously carried into one such opening in 1991, and have had the unsettling and shocking experience of it spontaneously occurring, where with out warning, I find myself in this place of darkness absent walls, a ceiling, or floor as this darkness comes sweeping through my home then all of a sudden I am back.
This sweeping darkness has a tangible effect on the electronics of my home.
I am a composer and I use computers, electric keyboards, and drum machines when I work.
I am also a videographer, and have several VCRs all programed to record different things at different times.
Because I also lecture on this phenomena I get crank, obscene, silent, and threatening calls very often so I have a chain of answering machines also programed with speed dialing numbers to pick up and answer the phone incase the other machine is rewinding as another call comes in like this all messages can be caught and recorded in full.
Add to this my Power Mac is also set up in this room.
When The Darkness sweeps through my home it will turn off all but one of the devices, or turn them off to turn them back on.
Any one that deals with computers VCRs, programmable answering machines, electric keyboards and drum machines knows once power is lost while the units are operating data is lost and they do not cut themselves back on and, they all have to be re programed or reset.
During these sweeps there is, more often than not, one unit left on or they all go off, but loose no data.
Add to that they are all coming out of the same wall so if power fails they all should go off and not some go off and others remain on........
The most recent occurrence of this was 9/23/98, approximately 11:00 AM when as my nephew was IMing on the Power Mac suddenly the darkness swept through the house and the connection to AOL was severed but the computer never lost power.
I have circuit breakers on every line and as well as to the incoming power to my home when the darkness comes they are never tripped and if it was a black out all the power to the house would be lost.
In addition to the fact that when power fails darkness comes all at once but you actually can see the motion of this darkness as it quickly moves through the house, or sweeps up the backyard as I have also seen it do.
These sweeps so far have lasted only for about five seconds or long enough for you to know you are literally suspended in the center of what at the time seems to be a dark infinity.
I have once passed out because of my low blood pressure but that is not the same and I have never fallen to the floor during the darkness.
There is also the fact that while visiting my parents in Virginia earlier this year as I sat talking to my older brother Chuck in the kitchen with the tv on, but the volume turned down, about the Darkness that occasionally sweeps through my home I was using the expression I used earlier to describe to him how it sounds when the Darkness opens and I said
" Shoomphf! "
As I did all the power in the house went off except for the tv that was still playing and then
" Shoomphfed! " back on my father called down to Chuck and asked him to check the circuit breakers.
As I sat watching him Chuck went into the laundry room and popped open the covering and scanned the circuit breakers and then just slammed the door shut.
When he returned I asked him had they been tripped and he paled, looked me squarely into the eyes, and lied, saying he had to reset them for they had been tripped by a power surge or outing and that it happens all the time down there.
I do not doubt that it does happen often down there, but I know it did not happen then, for the tv was still playing for those seconds we were in the darkness.
So I know this is not a localized phenomena.
When I saw this done in my sisters room, I did not even have the words to explain the concept of what I had seen them do, to my mother, and had to just say that they went out the window, which she knew was impossible for she'd nailed all the windows so they could only be raised a few inches.
If they can do it for a craft, as they did when they made the pockets to work on people during the mass tagging in the fifties, and as they did in 1991, when as an adult, I was bodily carried into the Wall Of Darkness, that was made to open in my foyer by three seven foot smoke like entities, when I was
" Takened " by them, as I prefer to call it rather than abducted.
Then why not be able to do it on a smaller more personal basis?
What happened in Virginia I feel was the doing of these entities only because that had the earmarks of their sense of humor, but I do not feel that all the time when the darkness comes it is because of aliens doings.
I feel that for what ever reason after the 1991 occurrence my home has become some what of a Portal Free way and some times things just come through.
This is may be a natural occurrence although rare like Earth Lights, though some UFOs are Earth Lights not all UFOs are not Earth Lights though they can be mistaken for one and other.
I know that above my home out here there are static and migratory portals that I have seen and video taped these craft coming out of and entering into.
So I know that there can also be such natural portals on the earth like in the air.
My apartment may be one such area I have come to believe that people may also become one of these portals, by that I mean they may trigger dormant or active ones to open be cause of their vibratory rates,
or they themselves may actually be portals via which things may also enter our realm.
This sounds ridiculous until you realize that many things that were once purely spiritual like ideas or made to manifest every day in our real and tangible realm everyday.
Just as lightning is electricity but we do not run our Tvs off of lightening.
What if this is just a natural ability of some of these entities just like the electric eels ability to produce electricity or fire flies ability to glow?
It could just be as we learned to generate and use an natural force like electricity they have learned how to generate these dark openings and use them has means of transportation over both long and short distances?
The problems with this phenomena is that even an Experiencer, though experienced, is not and expert.
These entities are often referred to as having a hive mentality as if that is something terrible not to have an individuality.
Just think about that if we followed the teachings of some of the prophets like.
" Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. ", or " Do on to others as you would have them do on to you. " Would we too not be acting under a hive mentality?
Is not that the basis of the hive mentality one does for the others as they do for themselves?
Is not working as one species for the benefit of the whole species not loving one neighbor as one loves themselves?
The hive mentality is the ultimate expression of the quantum mind.
Yet this is sneered at and berated as if it is something to be feared and rejected.
We seem to forget these entities are visiting here much like sailors on ships visit other worlds and also may have to exercise the same military discipline as do our navel services.
How will the people of our space fleets if we ever get out there be seen by others when they have to follow the orders of a captain?
Would they not too seem to be of a hive mentality?
Look how much we have changed/advanced since the fifties to the nineties what could we have accomplished in the same time frame from the fifties to the nineties, not limited by the wars, skeptics, and politics that so burden and hinder our development?
What if we were working as all one people for the good of the one people of the Earth where would we be now?
How many possible brilliant minds were shot down in or fell victim of the drug wars instituted against the youth of our world for what ever reasons they, our government, had in releasing this monster among us.
What if all had access to fully equipped schools and the best teachers?
Now think of a culture that always operated under this Hive mentality from the start what could they have done over the millenniums, absent the bickering, in fighting, and back biting of man kind?
Actually would they have to be so ancient a culture to get to the point that they were a space faring race?
I also ask that you ask yourself why are their eyes and heads so big and their mouths so small?
Could it be that they came to understand one learns more by observing than talking?
Would not a race more focused on observation, eyes develop more so than the other features of the face?
We all know that which is used most develops much more than that which is not hence the old term use it or loose it.
Now think about the big heads, bulging eyes, and little mouths, compared to or little eyes little heads and big mouths, hmmm must give us pause huh?
See what I mean to look at other cultures through the eyes of ours is to see no farther than your skin, or your earning potential.
No where on Earth can we conceive of doing work for the sole obtainment of universal understanding and not personal fame or monetary rewards but only for the edification of all humanity.
One race working with one goal what could not be accomplished with that in mind I ask you what is walking through a wall?
I also find error in calling Betty Hill the grandmother of all Abductees, though she was the first to report it, she was not the first to experience it.
As I said I know from my family stories that this has been happening long before then but people did not know what to call it.
My mother had scoop marks on her shin long before Budd Hopkins pointed them out as being marks made by alien abductors.
I heard tales from both sides of my family about things my aunts, uncles grand parents, and great grand parents had encountered that then were called devils and demons.
To this day people still aren't talking about what they have experienced because of churches, and religious dogma silences them or they are afraid of loosing their jobs or social standing in the community because of the stigma attached to this phenomena.
Back in the fifties it was no different in fact it was worst for you if you spoke about these things.
Has any one ever wondered why Betty and Barney were picked out in the first place?
What was going on in the fifties?
The civil rights movement, remember those of you that were around then?
With all of the hullabaloo over black mixing with white being raised what better way of getting attention drawn to the presence of ETs than to pick a inter racial couple?
Do you think there weren't racist also picked up by these guys and they also read what was in the minds of these people too?
" Race mixing is not natural and immoral etc... etc.. etc. "
Any wonder that they were curious if Betty was pregnant?
Don't you think with their advanced techniques they knew if she was pregnant or not before they took them?
Excuse me but there are statues and icons of Greys going back to Summeria, so they have been watching us, the human race, for a long time and they didn't know how to tell if a woman was pregnant or not?
I feel that they were never really asking Betty questions but giving her information and the right questions to ask to get us, humankind thinking on other things.
In other words they were not just talking to her but knew they were speaking to the whole of humanity through speaking to her for they were going to let her remember some of the things they were telling her.
They knew Betty did not care what others thought or she would have never married Barney Hill in the first place in a time that it could mean death for, or imprisonment for both of them under the laws of certain states of America at that time.
What better choice to get world wide attention?
Could it be they wanted people to see that there was no difference between the human race other than various shadings of skin and colors of eyes and hair?
That the whole race mixing controversy business be it in schools, neighborhoods or bedrooms was stupid when there was more than one race in the universe?
The sad part of this is that racism is now alive and active in the UFO phenomena too.
Though these encounters are just plentiful in the minority areas as it is in others ask your self how many blacks have been shown or stories have been published or aired.
For this reason many people believe that it is only whites that have encounters.
So now there are those that say the ETs are hear to destroy the blacks and save the whites.
While there are those black groups that say they will come to destroy the whites and save the blacks.
Then there is a new group that are saying they will be coming to destroy all the non Abductees and save the Abductees.
I don't blame Betty Hill for getting out of the so called UFO community with all the nonsense that is now being pushed into it by different factions and so called researchers.
It's went from them coming here to save the Earth from our misuses to coming here to kill off one race or the other.
Not to mention the talk of Reptiles that are munching children, and the general dis-information that is constantly introduced into this madness by people will a hidden agenda who will only print half truths or no truths unless they fit the parameters of their preconceived notions as to what this is all about.
Below is excerpted from and article I wrote earlier which I find is amazingly like the things that Mrs. Hill spoke of I hope it will prove useful.
I tell most people who I speak to about this do not go under hypnosis for your remembrances can be tainted by the hypnotist depending on how they feel about these things.
I know this to be true from an experience I had in my late teens.
I brought a book on self hypnosis which also taught you how to hypnotize others.
I was thinking it would help my recall for the coming regent exams in school.
Hint, studying does more for you.....
Anyway I asked my friend if I could try to put him under.
At first he was a bit put off by it but I explained that I was only going to see if I could put him to sleep and showed him in the book where it says you can't make anyone do what they would not do normally so clucking like a chicken was out.
He agreed (After I bribed him with the promise of getting him anything he wanted to eat no matter what) I had him lay down on my bed and focus on a red dot I had put on my ceiling.
I then began to try to put him under but he never went to sleep.
While I was talking to him my mind was on what I was going to do once I was finished.
I wanted a pizza and was thinking I wanted it with mushrooms extra cheese and heavy on the garlic with a grape soda.
My friend was a Kentucky Fried Chicken fiend so I knew it would be a bucket off twenty pieces so pizza was out.
After about an hour of trying I gave up and said,
"Lets go get something to eat what do you want?"
You guessed it he wanted a pizza heavy on the mushrooms cheese and garlic with a grape soda.
The thing is he did not only disliked mushrooms but also garlic.
This was the first thing that stood out in my mind for it was a complete reverse of his nature before that time he might have asked for a pizza but never with mushrooms or garlic.
Sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, yes but never those hated mushrooms.
It was not only that but there was other things that had crossed my mind during the time I was trying to put him under that he had acted on later that day and even years later was still influenced by.....
These were things only I could recognize for I had never given voice to them.
There was no way he could have known that scared me so bad that I never bothered with it again.
Years later this became big news and is now used to discredit any one who has been put under hypnosis as having false memory syndrome or being influenced by the investigator.
So there you have it as best and as fully as I can remember them with out hypnosis or memory enhancing drugs.

The Nonts

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